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Jan 27, 2010 06:47 AM

Charlie's Burger latest meal...

...was reviewed in the Globe and Mail

Interesting that a food critic and photographer from the same newspaper "happened" to be on the invite list. Perhaps the photographer was the guest. But who knows?

Again, the food sounds interesting but that $155 price tag (maybe the rare Queen Ant jacked up the food cost?) put it out of my price range for eating western style food made from what is considered "street food" in many Asian cities.

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  1. There is a certain amount of BS in the supposed 50% FCFS 50% lottery story, I casually know someone who went to the dinner (and was mentioned in the article as sitting beside the critic) who got in by asking "Charlie" directly. She's connected so I guess she knows who "Charlie(s)" is/are.

    1. MMM... I remember watching that scene in the Lion King when Timone and Pumba were eating all the bugs and thinking "Oh my that looks tasty"... so I wanna try this one!

      1. Does anyone really care about Charlie Burger anymore? The original concept was interesting but now prices are exhorbitant, insider preference. Once, I was interested. Now, no longer.

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        1. re: cynalan

          Forgive me but aren't the two sort of mutually exclusive? If you have to be an insider to get in at that price...the price can hardly be too high, no?

          Even ignoring the cost of the ingredients (which one has to assume is relatively high seeing that they're about as far from mainstream as possible), the cost of the time of the chefs involved trying to make such ingredients palatable can't be insignificant. Having done some catering myself, I seriously doubt that this is a highly profitable venture.

          Add to the fact that this is fairly groundbreaking stuff in terms of sustainable food-sourcing etc and I commend these guys for what they're doing.

          1. re: downtownfoodie

            Aside from this last dinner, what exactly are they doing that is so groundbreaking?

            1. re: millygirl

              the bugs seemed gimmicky to me. it didn't appear like they were working with the flavours so much as integrating them in for texture. if that's all they're there for then i'm not sure what the big deal is really... for some it's just a slimy or crunchy step up from an oyster or fried shrimp head with less flavour. but i guess yes, you wouldn't get bugs at a regular restaurant in toronto.

              also.... as for sustainable food-sourcing... i really don't believe any of the dinners have focused around that at all. at least none of the menus read that way nor did they ever market it that way. i mean they "flew in" a bunch of ducks in a can from montreal... how sustainable is that?!

              i wouldn't say there are insiders... so much as a vip list for the non-regular folk.

              1. re: millygirl

                i'm not claiming everything they;re doing is, but hey, no one bats a 1000, right? i just support anyone who pushes boundaries with food...whether they're economically or altruistrically driven doesn't bother long as they're doing something new and interesting...and hopefully tasty

          2. For those of you interested in sampling some insect cuisine there's another chance this weekend and it's significantly cheaper than $155


            1. Are there any restaurants in the Toronto area that serve any dishes that include insects?

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              1. re: madmolecule

                atlantic with crickets, call ahead to reserve the buggers.

                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  Apparently had to take them off the menu for a while at the insistence of his insurance company but I hear they are back.