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Where should I use my Phantom Gourmet gift card?

So, in this fantastic economy, my Christmas bonus this year consisted of a $100 Phantom Gourmet gift card. I know, at least I have a job and a boss who gives something. However, looking at the list of restaurants that was included with the card, nothing is really catching my eye. Also, the website lists about 10 times as many places as the written list that came with the card which is confusing. I know there have been many issues with places accepting the card in the past so I especially don't want to go somewhere I'm not thrilled about, eat meh food, and then be presented with a bill. Suggestions? I'm in Somerville, so Cambridge/Somerville would be my first pick but we can certainly do anywhere on the T or even drive for the right place. We love all types of food, especially Asian cuisines, and would ideally spend about $100 total (or 2 cheap dinners of $50 each). Also, we've been to the Elephant Walk recently so would put that lower on the list. Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. May want to consider re-gifting it, the PG choices are limited.

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      D'oh. Come on- there's got to be something worth eating...

    2. I might choose Da Vinci, Masa, or Vinny's at Night. To be fair, there are a lot of suburban restaurants on that list that I've never tried.


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        I can get almost 5 vinegar pepper pork chops at Vinny's for $100... which translates to about 15 meals... this might be a winner! Thanks!

      2. Can you use it on drinks somewhere? That'd be my plan.

        1. An afternoon in Salem with a stop at Finz for oysters and buffalo calamari could be fun.

          1. Just checked the list online. Assuming it's accurate, I'd try Isabella's in Dedham. Never been but have heard some good things about it.

            I like Masa in Woburn so the one in Boston may be a good option. Also have wanted to try Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport. Maybe a nice weekend drive up there when we get some warmer weather.

            1. I had one too. I used it at Devlin's in Brighton and they had no problem taking it.

              1. A few Saturdays ago, the Mrs and I were checking out Moody St., Waltham, remembered Bison County, and had a couple of good burgers and drafts on the P-G card. No issues or argumemts.

                1. Midwest Grill is pretty good if you have a salty meat craving. I usually get an assortment of meats and buffet items to go, and eat just as much and just as good for half the price of the all you can eat deal (its $5 or $6 per lb take out). I usually get some of the minced garlic oil or pimenta (have to ask someone) to flavor things a little. And a berry flavored Guarana Antarctica soda to wash it down.