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Apr 11, 2005 11:51 PM

Afghanistan food?

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What is considered Afghanistan cuisine and can anyone suggest a restaurant in the SFV? Would Shirin be considered this genre? Thanks so much

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  1. I think Shirin is Persian food.

    I like Afghan food and miss Afghan Cuisine in Tarzana (Golestan). Someone can tell you - there's a place in Pasadena and another place with some dishes in Claremont, but the names escape me.

    Aushak, Sambosas, grilled quail, soups all great and different from Iranian food.

    Also, the polos are good and similar to Persian ones, but still distinct. Most of the Iranians I know admire Afghan cooks.

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      the place in pasadena is azeen's afghani. i went once and enjoyed it. i had some nice leek dumpling kind of dish that i enjoyed.


    2. Walter's Afghani cuisine.
      308 Yale Ave., Claremont

      (909) 624-4914

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      1. re: Sarge

        Walter's : Afghani cuisine
        Olive Garden : Italian cuisine

      2. I know in Northridge on Reseda south of Nordhoff there's Morigi's. It's an Afgani/pizza place, an interesting combo.


        8910 RESEDA BLVD
        NORTHRIDGE, CA 91324

        1. Azeen's is great ( -- in fact, I'm going back tonight. It's a little more cosmopolitan than the old Afghan House that used to be in Northridge (I'm still mourning the loss of their mantu) but it's wonderful food. Morigi's is my next stop!

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