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Jan 27, 2010 06:15 AM

Where are good places to get stone crabs in Orlando this year?

Looking for a stone crab feast on Saturday night but don't want a ridiculously high-end place. Ideas?

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  1. Ravenous Pig had some on special awhile back, that were just wonderful. Fresh Market had them cracked and ready to go, good prices and also had tubs of mustard sauce for sale. Cavallari Gourmet sent an email out last week that they were stocked up.

    Please post where you end up, if you go out. :)

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    1. re: winechic

      Thanks. Friends want to get some at FishBones but we overall don't love that restaurant so are hoping to find another.

    2. i hear it's stone crab season! i've never had stone crab before, and i'm looking for a place in the orlando area with an all you can eat special? has anyone seen them around town yet?

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      1. re: britterbeezer

        Big Fin Seafood Kitchen on Sandlake has the best Stone Crabs this year. They serve 1.5# for 49.95 and that is 15-20$ cheaper than I had at some of the other restaurants near i-drive.

        Big Fin Seafood Kitchen
        8046 Via Dellagio Way, Orlando, FL 32819

      2. If you want to eat them at home, Papa Larry's Seafood on Narcoosee and Lee Vista has them. The jumbo ones were $21 per lb, and they were great (they let me sample one while I was picking up some other seafood).

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        1. re: Corporate_40

          thanks for the tip! i had only seen them at whole foods so far, and they were MUCH more expensive than that. i'll check it out!