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Jan 27, 2010 05:57 AM

Breakfast places downtown Ottawa

Hi Chowhounds,

Will be in Ottawa for 4 nights for Winterlude, hoping to get some suggestions of good breakfast spots in downtown Ottawa. Have tried brunch at Empire Grill and Cora previously, any other recommendations greatly appreciated!

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  1. try Sconewitch at 388 Albert Street just west of Lyon. Lovely, lovely scones! Opens at 7 am. Not cheap but definitely worth it.

    Also, Caffe Zuccero on Queen Street just west of Lyon (due north of Sconewitch). It's in the building with the Glue Pot pub. I haven't been there in a long time but the last time I did, I had a frittata last year that was very good. Like Sconewitch, it serves a business crowd and opens early.

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      I LOVE the Sconewitch!!! What a wonderful spot.

    2. And what about the Elgin Street Diner?

      1. Definitely Sconewitch--great if you want an early start. They have another location in New Edinburgh too. I love Benny's Bistro at the French Baker. it's on Murray at Dalhousie. Great bread, pastry, and interesting, more upmarket brunch dishes. i think it's pastry and coffee before 10 and full brunch after that.

        1. thanks for the suggestions, will definetly try scone witch as we are stayng close by!

          1. Just posting a link (or trying to; how come this doesn't work so frequently??). Is there sit-down service please?