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Jan 27, 2010 05:40 AM

MSP: Western 'burb sources of free-range chicken and grass-fed beef

Trying some new eating patterns and need a source for these meats that's convenient.

(BTW, is there an "organic" version of pork as well? What's it called?)

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  1. I can't help you with the Western burbs, I'm afraid, but Fischer Farms pork (out of Waseca MN) is awesome. You can see some of the restaurants around town that use it (in the link) as well as the various buzz words they use to describe it.


    1. Lakewinds Coop should have what your looking for. Multiple locations.

      1. Lakewinds and Fresh and Natural Foods.

        FNF is at the strip-mall by 169 and Rockford.

        1. i was also going to say lakewinds co-op. the one in mtka is huge. co-ops are also great for natural foods and bulk foods. i have not been to the f&n GetGot refers to, but i like the one near white bear lake-- the f&n stores seem to be like co-ops, without the co-op part, aimed at a more average suburban customer.

          lunds/byerly's (many locations) also sell thousand hills grass fed beef (and maybe free range chicken?). don't forget to check the minnesota grown directory for farmer-direct, if that interests you, or for the location of your local farmer's market.

          to Enso's question re: pork: yes you can buy certified organic pork products. other pork labeling to look for on locally produced pork products are "heritage" pork-- from breeds other than yorkshire/duroc crosses common for factory and large-farm u.s. pork production. the heritage pig breeds can have excellent flavor and marbling, and breed characteristics important for being raised outdoors-- for example you can buy excellent berkshire (breed) pork products in our area and usually these pigs are raised naturally outdoors. other labels on pork to look for include "raised outdoors," "pastured," "naturally raised." if possible ask for info from the farmer or knowledgeable seller.

          maybe there are some other places close to you, like a local butcher or independent grocery/market. i'm not all that familiar, and also not sure exactly where you are, so maybe just ask around a little-- but be sure to report back with what you find!

          1. Some excellent leads...thanks! (feel free to add more) Will report back my findings.