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Jan 27, 2010 05:40 AM

Garland Restaurants

My office is moving to Garland and after driving around our facilities (S Jupiter and W Miller Rd) I didn't find many restaurants other than fast food. Are there any restaurants within a 10 minute drive that I should try? There are no guidelines, anything goes as long as it's close to S. Jupiter and W. Miller Rd.

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  1. Meshack's BBQ is within 12 minutes. To Go only. Worth it, easily.
    La Me is 10 minutes away, near Audelia & Walnut.
    Pho Bang is almost straight north on Jupiter.
    Alternatively, you should just try every Vietnamese restaurant you drive by.

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    1. re: luniz

      I was concerned when I drove a few blocks from our facility and I didn't see anything but if there are a lot of Vietnamese food restaurants I will be okay. I love Vietnamese food.

      I have heard great things about Meshacks and La Me. They are both on my "to try" list.

      1. re: luniz

        luniz's suggestion is very good, OP is in a great position to try out many different Vietnamese restaurants in the area.

        Doan is also good for Vietnamese, menu isn't too broad and there are some particular specialties that stand out. I switch off between their pho and Pho Bang's, and I also like their bun bo (vermicelli with grilled lemongrass beef), and hu tieu do bien (seafood noodle soup) has been on my to-try list from seeing it on other tables.

        1. re: luniz

          As luniz suggested, I would try EVERY Vietnamese rest. at Jupiter/Walnut if I worked at Jupiter/Miller. It'd take a couple of months ;-) Our most favorite banh mi is found at Ba Le (bakery), regardless of what other ppl say!

          1. re: kuidaore

            Have you also tried Quoc Bao? They're the place to go if one feels that bread is the primary benchmark for good banh mi. Though really, there could be another outstanding sandwich shop in the area that has yet to be found.

            1. re: air

              If it is bread then Ba Le in Arlington is up there. Someone also mentioned before that Saigon Cali Hot Bakery was also good they are literally about 300 feet door to door from each other on Browning Dr.. I know that Ba Le bakes and has been baking their bread at their location for a number of years. I am not sure if Saigon Cali bakes their own bread or buys bread from Ba Le.

              I do know that the fillings are not that good at Ba Le. Sorry to get off topic but "air" started it!

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Let me jump in this conversation since I live in the area and say that I have never eaten at any of these places. (Vietnamese, etc.) If I were to go in what am I looking to order? Seems like you are describing sandwiches? Might be a ethnic food I should try out. Give me a little guidance. Thanks

                1. re: Dallassooner

                  bahn mi is the sandwich to try. Order whatever you like. I like the one with cold cuts and pate (chicken). They generally always contain cilantro and carrot, usually daikon and/or cucumber. Some people like theirs with meatballs and grilled chicken. I think they're pointless without the pate. If they have one called "dac biet", get that one - it comes with a bunch of stuff.

                  1. re: luniz

                    luniz - are you sure the pâté is chicken? I was always under the assumption that Vietnamese pâté is made from pork liver.

                    1. re: Webra1

                      I'll ask. Heading for late lunch to La Me as we speak.

                      1. re: Webra1

                        Pate in banh mi ranges between pork, chicken, duck, or goose liver. I was pretty sure that La Me's is chicken but hey, we'll have confirmation.

                        I typically go for pate or dac biet, and if I'd eat it right then and there, I also like banh mi thit nuong (grilled pork) with an egg on top.

                      2. re: luniz

                        I will elaborate on the Bánh Mì topic also. Luniz forgot to mention there are usually jalapenos (if you are spicy adverse take them off yourself, it would be easier then trying to communicate) included on the Bánh Mì.

                        All sandwiches will be on a menu with the words Bánh Mì (bread) immediately followed by the meat or topping of you choice.

                        Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng
                        French Bread Sandwich with Grilled Pork (the most popular)
               (Gives you a visual picture of the sandwiches, unfortunately this place is in Garland but is the McDonalds of Bánh Mì, not good


                        Dac Biet = House Special
                        Ga (Chicken), Thit (Pork), Tom (Shrimp), Bi (Pork Skin), Bo (Beef) Xiu Mai (Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce) Pork Roll (Cha Lua)
                        Eggs Sunny Side Up (Op La)
                        Ot (Jalapenos), Sa (Lemongrass), Tau Hu Ky (Bean curd), Rau (Assorted veggies), Tau Hu (Tofu),
                        Cooking Styles
                        Nướng (Grilled), Xao (Stir fried), Kho (Stew)
                        Bun – Rice Noodle Vermicelli
                        Com - Rice

                        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                          Was wondering if there was a good visual site, that's a helpful link. I usually refer to this for fillings as it has more detailed descriptions

                      3. re: Dallassooner

                        I would try just a grilled pork or grilled chicken bahn mi to start. They are the most friendly to the newcomer. Then again, the sandwiches are usually so cheap you can get 2 or 3. And watch out for some jalapenos that sometimes get hidden away.

                        1. re: amokscience

                          Just got back from my late lunch, and happy to report the banh mi and pho at La Me we ever bit as wonderful as ever. The young lady that usually works weekends is named Hi (pronounced 'Yee') and she said they use a pork pate, but as air mentioned, could have been any number of varieties of liver.

                          Some will be happy to note I got a new camera and I included one of today's fare.

                          1. re: DallasDude

                            Great picture. That and all this talk of pate makes me want a banh mi. I've usually seen the pate as chicken liver and to be honest never even thought about it being something else. Sure would like to have one (or half) of each to compare! And yes sometimes they come with a lot of jalapenos. So do watch out. However I disagree about starting off with grilled chicken or even pork. How dull. Hardly even worth the effort. Go for the gusto, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow, eat some pate today!

                            1. re: luniz

                              The 'special' at La Me is just ham and pork, but it is really good. I think it is best to ask for extra pate. You can buy their pate just by itself too.

                    2. re: air

                      We don't like Quoc Bao's bread at all--too soft. We also don't like Bale's (Arlington), either. That's why I said "regardless of what other ppl say"! We've had many threads on banh mi and ppl have such different opinions.

                2. I work down in that area; come across Miller to Plano road and head north to Rick's Burgers. They are a good joint and not far from you. they have great burgers and blue plate specials.

                  if you like Soul Food Michelle's just north of 635 on Skillman is supposed to be good. Never had it but I hear good things.

                  BoBo China is south on Plano road at the intersection of Plano and Church and it's pretty good.

                  There is a BBQ place just north on Jupiter that's not bad either. I can't think of the name of it but I want to say Rick's BBQ.

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                  1. re: Dallassooner

                    Thanks for the recomendations. I will definetly be checking all of those out. I tend to go out to lunch every day so I will need new places to discover.

                  2. I work north of you in Plano and I've found the food happy region is in Richardson. Drive between 75 and Jupiter and Walnut and Campbell and there are several dozen (mostly ethnic) very good places to eat...

                    Afrah, Ali Baba : Great Mediterranean / Lebanese lunch buffets (~$10) Afrah has some great baklava. Ali Baba is the nicer place but Afrah has some food items that I crave.

                    Pho Bac, Nam Hua : My two favorite Vietnamese places. Of course there are another couple dozen in this area so you can make an adventure of checking them all out. La Me and Bistro B are a lot closer to where you are.

                    Kings Noodles, First Chinese BBQ, Kirin Court : Chinese. Same advice as Vietnamese. Plenty of options and other places to try out. FCBBQ is cash only.

                    Taqueria El Fuego, Casa Milagro : El Fuego is a stupidly good lunch deal for some of the best Mex north of Oak Cliff. Casa Milagro is pricier and more Tex Mex but has a few items I love (Chile Rellenos).

                    Besa's : Serves our Italian fix in the area. The football sized stromboli's seem to be popular within our crowd.

                    Cafe Max, Suma Veggie Garden : Cafe Max is one of those local eateries that caters to the daytime lunch crowd. The do mostly takeout/pickup of salads, soups, sandwiches and quiche. Suma is a small but fairly awesome veggie buffet (go early though). The food is just as hearty as a normal Chinese buffet but vegetarian.

                    Sawadika : Thai food fix.

                    A bit further into west Richardson is a Cuquita's location (Mex) and Noodle Wave (Thai).

                    There are some better chain options like Freebirds (burritos), Great Outdoors (sandwiches), Spring Creek BBQ, Pappadeaux, Pappasito's, TLC, along 75 as well.

                    There are MANY more Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean places. I'm steadily trying them out one by one.

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                    1. re: amokscience

                      I work in Richardson also and you mentioned some of my favorites. I went to lunch at Ali Baba and I love Noodle Wave and Bistro B. For some reason, the restaurants I go to now seem so far from my new location, maybe it's because I am use to having them right down the street. I will check out some of the new recomendations. Thanks!

                      1. re: amokscience


                        Here is a big help for Nam Hua (I do not know if you are Viet or not) but this is the special menu at Nam Hua translated into English

                        Special Menu
                        Vietnamese - English
                        Vit Nuong Chao - Marinated Roasted Duck Gongee
                        Chem Chep Nuong Bo - Grilled Mussels
                        Goi Ngo Sen Vit/Ga - Lotus Root Salad with Duck/Chicken
                        Chau Ngot Thap Cam - Sweet & Sour Crispy Fish
                        Bo Luc Lac - Shaken Beef
                        Rau Tron Thit Bo - Three Beef Salad
                        Goi Gan Bo/Muc - Beef Jerky Salad/Squid Jerky Salad
                        Goi Da Truong/Bo Thai Lan - Thai Beef Salad

                        Bo Bop Thau/Tai Canh/La Lot - Lime Juice Cured Beef Salad with Star Fruit and Banana Flower/Lemon Juice Cured Beef/Grilled Wild Betel Leaf Wrapped Beef

                        Goi Cung Dinh - Royal Palace Salad
                        Tiet Canh Vit - Congealed Duck's Blood Cake With Herbs
                        Canh Ga Bay Qua Phan Thiet - Phan Tiet Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

                        Hen Xuc Banh Trang - Baby Clam Chip & Dip Appetizer with Seasame Cracker

                        Be Thui - Roast Beef with Ginger Sauce

                        Tom Ruong Me/Muoi - Sauteed Prawns with Tamarind Sauce and Peanuts/Fried Prawns with Salt

                        Heo Rung Hap/Xao Lan - Wild Boar with choice of Lemongrass/Coconut Curry Sauce

                        De Xao Lan/Xa Te - Goat with choice of Lemongrass/Sate Sauce
                        De Nuong Vy - Grilled Lemongrass Goat
                        Ca Nuong (Goi Truoc 2 Tieng) - Sweet & Sour Crispy Fish

                        I am not sure how it will post but let me know if you need any of the particular dishes translated.

                        I will get to the recommendations for is an ethnic haven and right up my alley!

                      2. I've always enjoyed the burgers and fresh cut fries at Main Street Liquid Company.


                        1. Hey; I also forgot and this might be a little weird; but on the corner of Jupiter and Plano is a gas station and in the back of that gas station is a little joint serving food; and it's not bad. I sometimes will drop by in the morning and get a burrito grande which is a HUGE breakfast burrito for about $2; it's one of those things you should not eat but about 3 times a year because of the fat content but it's a messy good meal.