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Jan 27, 2010 05:34 AM

Driving from Tampa to NYC; Where should i sleep, where should i eat?

New York City foodie driving from the Tampa area north to NYC over a two day stretch with my pregnant wife. Looking for a good mid-point to stop for the night, hopefully with some chowhound-worthy eating establishments.

We plan to stop halfway through the first day in Savannah and have a bunch of eating spots to choose from there, but also need a place to stop that evening for the night. Based on my calculations, it seems we'll be mid way through North Carolina at that point, but i have no experience with this drive or the south in general.


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    1. The two areas with the most chow options would be Charleston, SC or the Triangle, NC (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill). Both are a little bit of a detour off I 95, but not unreasonably so.
      Not sure when your trip is planned, but Charleston can get very booked up during the Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens. Both locations will be far enough from Tampa to get in a good days drive.

      1. If you can get as far as the Rocky Mount, NC area, there is a good chance of finding a great NC style BBQ house. That area is famous for this type of BBQ which is my favorite style. More of a thin vinegar based sauce, not drenched in sweet sauce. I live in VA so I'm not from that area, but you could post another request for BBQ in the Rocky Mount, NC area. I'll bet you get a lot of replies. Try a site like expedia for lodging in that area. Good Luck on your trip.