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Jan 27, 2010 05:16 AM

Duck Confit in an Oven Bag

I am making this duck confit from Sara Moulton today:

Has anyone made this? If so, any tips or comments?


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  1. Haven't tried it but you'll get a tender, reasonable facsimile of confit, no duck fat needed.

    Check this link for another recipe, somewhat similar style, as a comparison:

    1. I've made duck confit the traditional way several times and for me, slow baked/roasted duck is just as good or better. Confit is just slow cooked duck that's stored in fat, but who actually stores confit for months? The main concern with slow roasting is to not dry out the duck. Both the Sara Moulton and NY Times recipes sound like they would avoid that problem. The NY Times method is similar to what I do, except I cook at 275 to 300 F. Just be sure to test the duck for doneness after a couple of hours and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

      And I second raising the temperature at the end to crisp the skin. I raise the temp to 350-375 F, but only for about 15 minutes. It depends on how you like your duck, but after a couple of tries anybody should be able to get it just right.

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      1. re: Zeldog

        "but who actually stores confit for months?"

        me. i usually do not even try my confit until at least a month. 3-9 months is my usual, i always have duck confit in the fridge.

      2. i want to try this sara moulton technique early in 2011. it looked so easy to make in the oven bag, plus easy to gather the fat and clean up afterwards.

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        1. re: alkapal

          Here's an updated link, the OP's has been moved:

          Certainly easy enough!