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Jan 27, 2010 05:08 AM

KC - Best Italian Sausage?

Whose sausage do you like best? Scimeca's (sp?), McGonigles, Cosentinos, or others?

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  1. I like Scimeca's (I think that is how it's spelled?

    1. Definitely Scimeca's! Can purchase at Price Chopper grocery stores in the greater KC area OR in August, purchase the Paola Roots Festival on our park square. They sell foot long italian sausages and I buy a case of them and freeze them for goods eats for a long time!

      1. Another vote for Scimeca's! I am very curious about this Paola Roots Festival, I'll have to check it out this year and stock on sausage! Besides the festival, are there other places that sell larger quantities of Scimeca's? I am often frustrated to find only 2-3 packages of sausage at Pricechopper.
        Mendolia is not bad, but given a choice, I'd rather have Scimeca. I recently purchased store made Italian sausage from either Pricechopper or HenHouse and I was pleasantly surprised. I wish i remembered which one.

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          price chopper/cosentino's is surprisingly good. i'll buy it instead of scimeca's sometimes when it's looks fresher but also b/c it's sold bulk w/out that casing - scimeca's is probably sold that way too just not easy to find when you need.

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            I prefer Scimeca's (although the Price Chopper/Cosentino's is pretty good). Usually I end up buying whichever is available in the Hot variety. If it is in casings, I just cut the casing off.

        2. I am not big on Italian sausage, but like various sausages at Bichelmeyer Meat Market and Krizman's House of Sausage. Both are in Kansas City, Kansas. Werner's Specialty Foods in Mission has some good sausages also.

          1. Call me crazy, but HyVee sells a pineapple bratwurst in their meat cases that is wonderful! I usually don't like to mix sweet and savory, but these brats beat anything I've ever tried.... You buy them individually, and I think they charge like 80 cents or a dollar each. Take them home and grill them for 20 minutes on a med low grill.

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              Is Carrollo's Meat Market in the River Market still open? I always liked their Italian Sausage.

              Bigray in Ok