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Best Hot Dog in New Haven?

I want to teach a friend about the glory of great hot dogs. Are there places that serve real New York style hot dogs, w/ kraut chili or even an Italian style hot dog, in the New Haven area?. Thanks.

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  1. Glenwood Drive-In has the best around: http://www.glenwooddrivein.com/
    Jimmies in West Haven used to be great, and is still decent: http://www.jimmiesofsavinrock.com/jim...
    Neither one is that great, however. It's not the best area of the state for hot dogs. In addition to that, the really good hot dogs in the state are mostly not NY/NJ style. A good Connecticut dog is pork.

    Edit: Lots of suggestions on this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/161288

    1. Good dogs in the New Haven area: Glenwood, Chic's, Al's, maybe Blackies, Jimmies too. New York style as in boiled/simmered in water? Not gonna find those here. What's an Italian style dog?

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        An Italian dog is a north Jersey dog w/ fried peppers, onions and and potatoes stuck in the heel of Italian style bread. Google Jimmy Buff's.
        How about an LA dog?

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          I second Blackie's, even though it's a bit of a hike from New Haven. There are a lot of good hot dogs off 84 (Blackie's in Cheshire, Lake Zoar Drive-In in Monroe, Frankie's in Waterbury, Doogies in Newington, Capitol Lunch in New Britain, Botsford Drive-In in Newtown, Swanky Frank's in Newtown, and probably more up by Hartford and out by Danbury). Also good dogs south of New Haven (Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, Rawley's in Fairfield, Swanky Frank's in Norwalk, Merrit Canteen in Bridgeport, and Danny's in Stratford).

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            Hummel Bros in the back of Long Wharf has great hotdogs. They have a lunch deli in front of the mfg plant. Really everything there is a great value

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              I've been to Connecticut a few times to sample hot dogs. Sorry I'm not familiar with the New Haven area, but Hummel is a fine dog, though it may be an aquired taste. I didn't like it the first time I had it. It has a spicy, tangy flavor that is more typical of an Eastern Jewish style all beef dog.

              Rosco's was my favorite dog in all of Connecticut, but unfortunately they are out of business. Glenwood is perhaps my next favorite dog. A long 5 to a lb charbroiled Hummel's dog. You won't find an Italian Hot Dog, or at least an authentic one in Conn. There are a few places that serve a New York style beef dog. Top Dog in Cos Cob serves a grilled Sabrett all beef frank. Chez leonard serves an all beef Hebrew National with a collagen casing.

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                How long has Hummel Bros been serving hot dogs right at the plant? I really wish I knew that when I was living in New Haven.
                How are their rolls? They're one of my favorite hot dog makers, but, unfortunately, I don't care for the rolls at most of the places that serve Hummels.

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                Danieljdwyer is definitely on!! Merrit Canteen in Bridgeport., Rawley's in Fairfield and Super Duper Weenie, also in Fairfield...AMAZING!! I'm from NY, and I've always liked the CT hot dogs better.

              3. as much as I detest the place (I did post a recent review) you can get a decent to good NY style Beef hot dog with Kraut at Katz's Deli on Litchfiled Tpk (Whalley Ave) on the New Haven Woodbridge line.

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                  Why do detest Katz's? Thank your stars you're not in Maine and stuck w/ blue berry bagels and neon red snapper hot dogs. Bagel Central in Bangor is a very distant second to Katz's!

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                    Pass--haven't been to Bangor since 1974. I used to go 8x/year when there were still shoe factories in the area and I was in the business. I feel your pain.

                    As to Katz's just click on the restaurant tab and read my review. I wouldn't recommend them for deli, but a NY style hot dog with kraut as requested by the OP is quite good there.

                    Chances are that the OP's guest from Texas will be happier with an all beef NY dog, than the pork of Hummel's.

                2. If your looking for the best dog in CT try:
                  EE Mucke & Sons
                  2326 Main Street
                  Hartford, CT 06120-2061
                  (860) 246-5609
                  I don't know what weiner stand uses them, but they are the best.

                  1. Frankie's - West Haven, CT on Route 1. Get a long dog and ask them to "split it and cook it well-done with bacon." They give you a full strip on the bottom. You put your own fixins and they have the most incredible homestyle sticky relish that is to die for along with saurkraut, pickles, etc. The restaurant is kept immaculately clean. I still love their dogs the best. They have a few other locations, but I can only personally vouch for the West Haven one.

                    1. you should bring your friend (and if it an old buddy of the boards, plese pass our best wishes and tell him we miss him) a little further south into Fairfield. Just off Exit 24 on I-95 is Super Duper Wienies. Best Hot Dog in FFD County.

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                        Though I'm loath to admit that the Gold Coast has the best of anything, I'd put Super Duper Weenie at best hot dog in the state, not just the county. They also have my favorite soda, Boylan's Red Birch Beer.

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                          Thanks jfood, these Texans are real picky; eat tacos, but not hot dogs, BBQ pork ribs but not NH pizza because it is "unhealthy". I have to help him develop some "cultural sensitivities".

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                            Jfood, thanks for the Super Duper tip. We will be heading to NJ in April and will give it a try.

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                              Place a post on the NJ board and hotdoglover and give you the lowdown on all the NJ dogs.

                              At Super Duper, the owner makes his own relish. You will probably like the hot stuff, Jfood sticks with the sweet.

                          2. No one mentioned Guida's in Middlefield yet, so I will. I like mine with chili, just as pictured here:

                            and cheddar, too!

                            Don't forget to wash it down with a birch beer! 2-fer-1 on Mondays. EVERYBODY knows it, so expect company.

                            P.S. The dogs are Martin Rosol's. Yum!

                            The New Guida's Restaurant
                            Meriden Rd, Middlefield, CT 06455

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                              There are only two "destination" hot dog spots in Connecticut - Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield for the food and Blackie's in Cheshire for the atmosphere (but really only on a summer night). The rest are really all just variations of ballpark franks.

                            2. This isn't at all in New Haven, but JK's in Danbury (South Street) is the best I've ever had, for hot dogs. I've been going there since I was a kid. They load them up with everything that'll make your breath terrible... onions, mustard, secret sauce, etc, and they're just delicious.

                              1. If your looking for the best dog in CT try: Sweeney's Hot Dog truck On Long Wharf In New Haven

                                1. Buns on the Run at 195 Church St sells an amazing hot dog. He has them boiled or will grill them if you ask. He also has tons of toppings and a killer burger to go with it!

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                                    Is it all an all beef frank or beef and pork? What brand is served?

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                                      He uses an all beef frank. Its a true sabrett.

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                                        "It's a true sabrett"

                                        BUT, Sabrett makes both all beef and beef and pork natural casing franks. Did you ask if it's all beef? or did you assume that because it was Sabrett Brand it was all beef?