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Jan 27, 2010 05:03 AM

Hamersley's Valentine's Day menu


Thinking of heading here on Saturday the 13th but I'm a little put off by the V-day menu being $110 per person. I'm not against spending that much for what I'm sure will be an excellent meal but it seems a little expensive compared to their normal menu.

For example, I could order the four priciest items (two App, Entree, Dessert) on the menu and only get to $88. The V-day prix fixe is 25% above that. To compare, the seven course tasting menu at No9 is $96.

Just wondering if this special event menu is really that far over and above the normal offerings in terms of quality, or should I stick to the everyday items. This will be our first time at HB. wfs

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  1. I have always been a big fan of Hamersleys, but had a somewhat negative experience there a few weeks ago. I Ate at the bar. The bartender recommended the veal consume, saying it was amazing. The soup was over salted to the point of not being able to eat it & the veal meatballs were like rubber. The bartender when describing the "soup of the night" to the couple next to me, looked at me and said how do you like it. I described it as above.....the bartender then said to the couple "I guess I won't recommend that to anyone else tonight". He did not engage further with me on the soup. When my entree came, he removed the 1/10 finished bowl of soup....with the comment "are you finished". Fast forward to desert, with which I ordered a glass of sparkling wine. The wine arrived rather flat. I guess one should never assume, however when the check came I was struck to see the charge for the soup, based on my comments. While this experience was not typical of any I have had there over the many years I have eaten there, I wonder if they are faltering on attention to detail.

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      To the OP: don't be dragged in by Valentine's Day menus. They're a swindle even at our best restaurants. A terrible, terrible night to dine out, second only to Mother's Day.

      Funny, I had a consomme with meatballs at Hamersley's recently, too (pheasant), and it was easily the worst dish I'd ever had there, with rubbery, nearly impossible to cut meatballs. Not good at all. Everything else was up to its usual standard, but that dish was such an obvious failure, I wonder how many mostly unfinished bowls or stained tablecloths from meatballs leaping to escape under pressure from a too-dull spoon edge it took for them to connect the dots. That soup should have been served with a steak knife.

    2. I noticed that menu too, while walking by Hamersley's last night. Hamersley's is a special experience to be sure, and the food is usually delicious (esp the famous roasted chicken) but personally I think the Valentine's Day menu is way overpriced. Plus they don't even offer the roasted chicken (which, granted, isn't a high-priced item, but is one of their best dishes, almost priceless IMO.) Anyway, I agree with MC, I personally wouldn't head out anywhere that has a prix-fixe Valentine's day menu --especially one that is clearly overpriced.

      1. Thanks for the input.

        Is is worth it to go on Saturday (not V-day) and eat off the normal menu or should I just avoid the nicer restaurants at all costs for the whole weekend?

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          Sure, if you can get in the Saturday of Valentine's weekend, and you don't have to order off the prix-fixe menu, than why not go? My problem with many of these restaurants is that you are forced to eat off the special, overpriced menu on a holiday and you don't have the option of choosing other items. If that's not the case on Sat at Hamersley's, and you can get a reservation, go for it. And be sure one of the people in your party get the roasted chicken. The best dish in the house, IMO.

        2. Speaking of tasting menu @ No 9, for valentine's day bostonchefs lists the 6-course at 165 and 3-course at 85. Thought this was steep considering their regular 7 course tasting is under 100. Does anyone know if v-day includes wine pairings/if there is an option for no wine pairings?