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Jan 27, 2010 03:32 AM

Chinese Ginger Sauce

Does anyone know where I can buy the ginger/scallion sauce that you find in a lot of Chinatown restaurants? I have tried buying from the restaurants themselves, but they only give me a few extra small containers. I've looked in Chinatown stores as well with no luck. Is there a specific name for the sauce? I'd also like to get my hands on that delicious brown sauce Wonton Garden on Mott Street has, again, small containers and I can't find it in stores.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. If you're referring to what I think you are -- a thin dipping sauce for dumplings -- it's just Chinese black vinegar with ginger and scallion added. Black vinegar is so awesome. Go buy a bottle of it (sold in Chinese groceries, near the soy sauce) and you'll wonder how you lived without it for so long.

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      No BMD is refering to the Cantonese ginger/scallion and oil condiment often served up with roast chicken. It is not for dumplings and there is no black vinegar in it. I think most Cantonese places make it themselves in house.

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        What Scoop said. If it's made in-house, would you or anyone else have a recipe?

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          David Chang has a recipe in the Momofuku cookbook based on the amazing ginger-scallion sauce served at NY Noodletown - it's online at and numerous other sites.

          I've made it with a recipe just like ammel_99 provides below (ginger, scallion, salt and oil), but the Chang recipe tweaks that by adding a little bit of soy and vinegar to very nice effect.

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            if its the same one that he serves with the bo saam and the fried chicken, it's aight. he puts way too much oil and not enough salt. ends up oily and bland; key ingredient is the salt. ammel_99's recipe below pretty much hits it.

    2. This sauce is normally homemade. Its just ginger, scallion, oil and salt to taste. The ratio of ginger / scaliion can be changed dependent on taste. My mother have always used 50/50. If you are used to the ones in the restaurants, its more like 25% ginger, 75% scallion. You mince the ginger and scallion and add salt to taste. Then you heat up some oil till it is just smoking (enough oil to cover the ginger/scallion mixture) and pour over the mixture. This should last up to a week in a sealed container.

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        Delux Food Market on Mott st. sells it.