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Jan 27, 2010 02:42 AM

We will miss Deer Park Tavern

A favorite place of ours, Deer Park Tavern in Katonah, was gutted by a fire yesterday. The food there was terrific, I especially loved their flatbread pizza. They had a great Sunday brunch and some good specials during the week, like 1/2 price bottle of wine Wednesdays. The staff was very professional and friendly and it was a place where the customer always came first. The customer always got what we wanted. I hope they rebuild.

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  1. Yes, very sad. I saw the photo in the paper (well, on the paper's homepage) yesterday. Bizarre coincidence, isn't it? They opened a new restaurant this past summer in the Ridgefield space that was built after the Bissell building burned to the ground, and now they've had their original space burn down. I liked Deer Park, too, although I don't head in that direction as often as I used to...

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      I thought the same thing - they built a new restaurant in a building that burnt down only to have their other place burn. Sad.

    2. I saw the report on Ch 12, that was a shame. I had only been there once but enjoyed it very much. They said on the news that have vowed to rebuild. Does anyone know how it started?

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        It started somehow in a washing machine. Very scary stuff. Apparently the owner has already consulted architects and will rebuild. He also will try to find places at his other restaurant in Ridefield for the staff.

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          I'm not sure how to tell the Chowhound team something so I will try and post it here. This restaurant is not in Atlanta. it is in Katonah, NY. Can you please put it back there? Thanks

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            The trick is to "report" it as "inappropriate with an explanation in the comments section, which I will do after I post this note. I did it the other day when they put a Westchester thread into the Southern New England board. I guess with all this moving around some things are bound to get misdirected, although this one is particularly far afield!

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              Thanks. They actually already fixed it, so I guess that did the trick. The other issue I found might have been the same one you did - L'Europe was put in CT.