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what to order at Friendly Toast?

going there Friday for a casual business lunch. Looked on line at the menu. there is a huge selection. How can I pare it down? What is not to be missed?

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  1. Elvis Cakes- two huge pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips, sandwiched with peanut butter... fresh whipped cream on the top. Side of bacon.

    Tofu scrambles are good, too.

    1. I really enjoy the french toast made with the house-baked anadama, which is a darker bread made with molasses. The house-baked cinnamon raisin also makes for a tasty french toast.

      1. I'm a big Friendly Toast fan, but not so fond of the sweet offerings as many folks are - although I'm a huge fan of pancake/waffle type breakfasts, I find the ones at FT over-the-top sweet.

        I love the Green Eggs and Ham (poached eggs with ham on toasted anadama bread, covered in a dill-heavy herbed sauce), plus (for a *little* touch of sweetness) a side order of cinnamon toast made with their amazing cinnamon-raisin bread.

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          Hahaha... you're right. The pancakes are completely over the top.

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            Seconded: I have to fight to keep myself from ordering the Green Eggs and Ham even if I'm going there for dinner.

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              Like you, I'm not a big fan of sweet offerings in general for breakfast but at Friendly Toast it is even more over the top.

              The first time I went to Friendly Toast, I ordered the Mr. Haegar, a cheddar cheese melt with dill pickles, plum tomatoes, Dijon mustard, and horseradish mayonnaise. It is served on grilled oatmeal bread but I substituted for the cayenne cheddar bread. I also substituted the side of chips with a side of homefries. I was absolutely in love with my sandwich. It was messy and it was delicious.

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                See, that's the thing - I *AM* a big fan of sweet breakfasts. I love the pancakes at Deluxe Town Diner and the waffles at Centre Street, for instance. But the sweet breakfasts at Friendly Toast are too much for me - even when I want a sweet breakfast, I want breakfast, not dessert!

            2. The cayenne-cheddar bread is pretty good. Get it if you have an omlette or eggs.

              1. I agree with keeping it on the more simple side. I'm a fan of their egg sandwich (I order mine over easy with jalapeno jack cheese on cayenne cheddar bread) and their pancakes.

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                  thanks all, I notice no one talking about the sandwiches or other non-breakfast type items. I think I'll try the green eggs and ham!

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                    I actually have had a sandwich there for a late lunch one day- I had to refrain from posting about it as I cannot even remember what it was/what was in it. It was that good.... :-) Actually Im sure it wasnt bad- it just wasnt memorable.

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                      I love the tortilla pressed thing with smoked turkey etc. And am crazy about the sweet potato fries. Grilled cheese is good!

                      I usually look at the menu and think it's got that TGI Friday's thing of just too many ingredients, but in everything I"ve had there, they manage to pull it off.

                2. I went to the one in Portsmouth last week. They had a special of scrambledeggs with plum tomatoes, basil, goat cheese and pine nuts. So simple but so very tasty--served with their delicious homefries and outstanding cinnamon raisin toast. I have decided this is the single best breakfast I've had out. That says a lot. (huh-come to think of it, they forgot the pinenuts--but it was still delicious!)

                  Whatever else you order, definitely get the C&R toast