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Jan 26, 2010 08:14 PM

What restaurants do Chowhounders in Toronto go to for a special occasion?

What restaurants do Chowhounders go to for a special occasion?

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    1. A special party room in one of the high end Chinese restaurants. Emperor, Regal Palace, Regal16, Yang's, One of the Casa's, O Mei, LWH....etc

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          My two faves........."Scaramouche" & "Auberge du Pommiers"....these are what we call the anniversary/birthday restaurants!
          I also like "Bistro 990" but usually just choose it for my 'Steak Tartare" craving, that dish plus their wonderful 'goat cheese salad' followed by a lovely dessert...It's the only thing I've ever eaten there and it has never disappointed me.....

        2. Our special occasion place is Sushi Kaji.

          1. George (when its just my SO and I, or one other couple)
            Five Doors North (when we've got a big group, or a more rowdy celebration... !)