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Help! I've moved to metrowest!

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Help me Chowhound, you're my only hope!

After spending almost 20 years (scary) living in Medford, Somerville, Waltham and Brookline, family life has taken me to metrowest. A week ago we moved to Holliston. So, I'm starting almost from scratch in finding places to eat. I'm sure I'll still make pilgrimages when my schedule allows back to some of my old favorites, but on most days I'm going to need to find some new favorites.

So, here's a short list of places around here that I know and a couple of old places I need to replace. I'd love any help you can provide in finding some new favorites!

So, I know of Sichuan Gourmet, Oga's, Firefly's, Joan and Ed's, Sel de la Terre, and a bunch of chain restaurants on Route 9. I'm a similar distance to Patriot Place, so I can get a Five Guys fix a lot easier out here than I could closer to town (never mind the new one opening up in Natick). And I know about CK Shanghai and China Sky in Wellsley. I'm sure one day we'll make a return trip to Blue Ginger, but I'm really not looking for special occasion destinations as much as I'm looking for every day destinations.

So, where do I get a good breakfast around here? No more Deluxe, Soundbites, or Friendly Toast for me. :( Joan and Ed's was pretty good last weekend, but I need more than one choice.

And how about a decent sub? No more Bob's! Oh no!

I guess I'd love any suggestions for good chow of any sort out here. And if I'm overlooking old threads on this topic, feel free to point me in their direction.



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  1. For breakfast, try the J&M Diner in Framingham. It's on rt. 126, near the intersection of rt. 30. Frank McClelland (of L'Espalier) eats there with his family.

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      We like J&M too - it's our go-to breakfast spot.

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        I don't think it was mentioned in this thread but I had a great Porchetta sandwich recently at the Waverly Market in Framingham. The rest of their sandwiches and Italian offerings looked fantastic. I will be back to try the Italian sub.

      2. for subs, Gianni's on Edgell Road in Framingham is outstanding - cash only !
        also, Nicks Pizza in Ashland Center is very good as well.
        for breakfast, try Sunnyside Cafe in Ashland Center.

        1. >So, where do I get a good breakfast around here? No more Deluxe, Soundbites, or Friendly Toast for me. :( Joan and Ed's was pretty good last weekend, but I need more than one choice.

          I've always lived in Metrowest, but my (now) wife used to live in Somerville and we would go out to breakfast on the weekends when I stayed at her place. When she moved out to Concord with me, finding a good breakfast spot that serves anything besides the basics was an impossible task it seemed. 5 years later and we are still searching....

          1. I made the same move, about 7 years ago. You've hit on a number of great places. For subs, there is a Tutto Italiano in Wellesley, and though a little closer in, I've heard there are a number of great subs to be had in Roslindale (not sure exactly where). Masala Art and Sweet Basil in Needham are good for Indian, and BYOB "Italian comfort food," respectively (though opinions are mixed on Sweet Basil). I really like the Echo Bridge restaurant for a 70s red sauce experience.

            Recent great breakfasts I have had in the Metrowest area were at Gourmet Decisions in Framingham (though I can't say I'm a fan of the name). Not quite in Metrowest I guess, but I had an amazing breakfast at Auntie B's in West Roxbury (though I missed their roast beef hash). There's also the 50s diner in Dedham which I've heard good things about.

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              I believe Gourmet Decisions is in Natick, not Framingham.

              Also, don't miss sandwiches and subs at the Linden Store on Linden St. in Wellesley. For another breakfast option check out Mel's Commonwealth Cafe on Route 30 in Wayland. Nothing groundbreaking but much better than Joan and Ed's.

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                1 for 1 so far. Picked up an eggplant parm and an Italian at Tutto Italiano in Wellesley on the way home from Medford on Saturday. Great stuff. Will definitely be back. Next time I'm trying the prosciutto tomato & buffalo mozzarella.


              2. Replace Firefly's with Tennessee's BBQ in Milford. It's definitely better, and right on rte 16. And while on the topic of Milford - add the Alamo and Prezo to your lists.

                Decent sub? Just up the road (also on rte, 16) in Milford there's a place called Oliva's. Go for lunch, because once the bread/rolls are gone, there's nothing to make sandwiches on.

                On a non-food related note, Milford can be a nightmare to drive through during commuting times. Take this into account when choosing to go there.

                Restaurant 45 in Medway is also decent.

                Apparently Galante in Medway does a decent breakfast, but I haven't been.

                Tomasso in Southborough isn't too far away.

                Westborough has a few decent options and isn't that far from Holliston.

                There's also a 5 guys in Marlborough on rte 20.

                A little further - Sophie's and Chloe's in Hudson are both good.

                1. Lots of good suggestions already. In Wellesley, not my favorite but others disagree- is Alta Strada, owned by Michael Schlow of Via Matta and Radius. They have a market downstairs from the restaurant that sells prepared food and makes decent pannini's.
                  For breakfast in Wellesley is the Maugus- a storefront place near Whole Foods that has been serving great breakfasts and lunch for 35+ years. Very popular. The same (Greek) family has just opened a rather upscale place (especially price wise) called Milestone, in Wellesley Center. Southern Mediterranean. I have not been but the online menu is very interesting. In Wellesley also, close to Newton Lower Falls, is Bobby's American Grill which opened a few months ago. Menu with everything from pricey entrees to sandwiches. Quite good and has a full bar (as does Milestone). Avoid the Cottage in Wellesley on Linden street. FYI, Blue Ginger now has a bar and lounge which has a nice less expensive menu and does not take reservations. Very good and much more casual than the dining room. In Needham there is Petiti Robert Bistro, same menu as Kenmore and very reasonable prices. If you want a list of every restaurant in and near Wellesley, log onto the Swellesley Report and click on "Where to Eat." Welcome to Metrowest.

                  1. I like Noon Hill Grill in Medfield. The lounge is a nice place to hang out watching sports, eating and drinking. It gets busy on weekends.


                    Noon Hill Grill
                    530 Main St, Medfield, MA 02052

                    1. John Stone's in Ashland is a great bar with good pub food. The 400 Restaurant in Framingham has decent Italian food for reasonable prices. Kugel's Deli in Framingham is good for breakfast, better than Joan and Ed's. Bodacious Bagels in Ashland has the best bagels around. For sushi, Fugakyu in Sudbury rocks. Waterlily in Wayland has great Chinese food in a lovely atmosphere. Tomasso's in Southboro and the Coach Grill in Wayland are great for nice occasions. Just had dinner at Sel de la Terre at the Natick MALL and it was very good.

                      1. Thank you all so much for giving me hope! I will report back as I start working my way through your recommendations.


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                          Definitely check out Oishii, Too in Sudbury on Rt. 20 - I think it is by far the best sushi spot around and consistently better than the other locations. I definitely prefer it over Fugakyu.

                          You may also be near B&R Bread in Framingham - worth finding in its strip mall locale for the best baguette I know of in or around Boston, along with other great baked stuff.

                          Lotus Blossom in Sudbury is great for basic, Westernized Chinese, especially takeout.

                          I think Sky in Sudbury is a reliable, and enjoyable (and slightly overpriced) family food spot but not so much a dining destination.

                          Morn's (sp?) Thai in Wayland is surprisingly good, though I have only had takeout basic noodles and curries from there.

                          It seems to be a pizza wasteland, unfortunately - curious if you or anyone know of anything comparable to Regina, Armando's, Pinocchio's, Oggi, or even Sabatino's in Arlington?

                          Regina Pizza
                          11 1/2 Thacher St, Boston, MA 02113

                          B&R Bread
                          151 Cochituate Rd, Framingham, MA

                          Armando's Pizza
                          163 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

                          Oishii Too
                          365 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776

                          Fugakyu Cafe
                          621 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776

                          Oggi Gourmet
                          1350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

                          Lotus Blossom Chinese Restaurant
                          394 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776

                          Sky Restaurant
                          120 Boston Post Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776

                          Sabatino's Italian Kitchen
                          242 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

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                            Sadly, Morn's is no more. Found out the hard way in September.


                            1. re: rlh

                              Second B&R and Oishii. Did anyone mention the Oregon Club in Ashland? It seems to get mostly positive reviews.

                              1. re: rlh

                                Thanks. I'm very familiar with Oishii Too and Lotus Blossom. Should have mentioned them both in my OP. I'll definitely check out B&R.


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                                  Hi- We did the same move in the early 90s. I still work in Boston, so get my city fix, but for dining, I'm usually in Metrowest. Many of our favorites have been mentioned, but I'll provide a list anyway:
                                  Breakfast: Gourmet Decisions, Natick, Budabing Millis, Sunshine Cafe, Ashland, Maugus Wellesley, Galante, Medway
                                  Subs/sandwiches: Oliva's is great, but for convenience, try Holliston Superette- friendly people, do a lot for the community. They have slices of Framingham Bakery pizza (the kind you get at the Italian bakeries in Medford) individually wrapped at lunchtime. My husband likes the crepes at Pejamajo; I have not eaten there. For pizza, I agree that there isn't much in the area; we usually get it at Sweet Tomatoes on Rt. 16 in West Newton, as I go on the way home. A go-to dinner place is Prezo in Milford- they have the full menu in the bar, lots of craft beers, fun place to watch a game, though they run out of seats early. If you don't want the bar, you can make a reservation on Open Table We had a great meal at Sel de la Terre at mall last weekend, and Nordstrom Bistro is a standby as well. My standard meal there is the salad nicoise with salmon. Haven't been to John Stone's lately, but always used to like it. Ate at 3 in Franklin a while back and liked it. If you like Mexican, check out Aztec on 135 in Framingham. Haven't been there for a long time, but people feel it's better than the chains, e.g. Acapulco. You might like Mango in Milford for Thai. You're right about Patriot Place having some options- if you go, take the back roads- go to Millis, take 115 through Norfolk, then Rt. 1. Also, if you head to Westborough, there is Arturo's, which is good Italian, Ziti's, also good Italian in a storefront type atmosphere (owners originally from North End, friendly service, good specials), and a Tavolino's opened in the fall (I haven't been there, original location at Patriot Place). There is another Ziti's that opened in 2009 on Speen St in Natick at the golf course. There is also a middle Eastern place in Westborough whose name is escaping me right now. They have a location in Worcester, I'm sure it's famliar to someone. Also, for coffee, tea, iced tea, sandwiches, etc. I like Coffee Sensations in Medway, and Blue Moon Bistro in Millis is good- they have a more extensive bakery, and get in a lot of Jewish items for the holidays. The Wine House in Holliston is worth checking out for wine and snacks, and they have tastings and classes- you can get on their email list. From this, it probably sounds like I get out a lot more than I do, but actually I have a teenager, who is happy with Subway, Bertucci's, etc.! I hope you enjoy Holliston- it's definitely an adjustment, but I don't regret it- my daughter has been in the school sytem from kindergarten on, and is halfway through HHS- while nothing's perfect. I think she's getting a wonderful education. Best of luck.

                                  1. re: AnnieP

                                    The middle eastern place in Westboro on Route 9 is called El Basha.

                                    1. re: lkmuller

                                      Thanks, you're right. Also, Blue Moon is in Medfield, not Millis- my mistake.

                            2. We used to love Eo Noodle in Framingham for dan dan noodles and cold sesame noodles, but haven't been in a while. Does anyone know if it's still good?

                              1. Bullfinch's in Sudbury has a pretty decent brunch menu and if you're in the area, definitely try Karma Coffee Roasters. I agree Kugel in Framingham has better breakfasts than Joan & Ed's. And to Eatin in Woostah, EO Noodles isn't as good as it used to be, especially after introducing Chinese American food to their menu but their scallion pancakes still rocks!

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                                  That's a shame. Last time I was there (must be years now...) they only had noodles, steamed buns, those fantastic scallion pancakes and pickles, and Mongolian barbeque.

                                2. I have lived in the area for 12 years and am also from the Northshore. For breakfast try Stephen Anthony's on Rte 20W in Marlborough. Gianni's Pizza on Edgell Rd in Framingham has good pizza and subs. Rte 20E in Wayland has the Coach Grill associated with Abe and Louis Rte 30E in Framingham has the Aegean for Greek and American food Panache on Rte 9 east has good cafe mocha the Villa in Wayland on Rte 30 E has good red sauce neighborhood Italian. Kennedy's Pub in Marlborough has good pub food and prime rib on Saturdays and a great Grey Goose martini for reasonable prices.And in Acton if you want a little travel has Le Lyonaisse on Rt 2A west for french food by a french chef

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                                    My husband and I are also in the predicament of having moved to the Hudson, Marlborough, Westborough area in Massachusetts and we're looking for reasonable places for breakfasts and nice dinners. In addition to the traditional standards, we love Brazilian, Latin American and Caribbean food. Please HELP US!! We welcome your suggestions.

                                    1. re: bpaulemile

                                      The South Street Diner in Westboro is great for breakfast and lunch, and I believe they are open on Thursday and Friday for dinner. For a fabulous dinner check out Romaine's in Northboro.

                                      South Street Diner
                                      38 South St, Westborough, MA 01581

                                      1. re: massgal3

                                        In Hudson, Chloe is very good for a nice dinner. For decent pub food and a fantastic beer selection, the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson is a good spot. There are a few breakfast places in downtown Marlborough - I think the one we used to go to was called Jake's, but I could be wrong. It's been a while since we lived there.

                                        If you feel like taking a little drive for Jamaican food, find your way to One Love Cafe in Worcester. They do a jazz brunch on the weekends, too.

                                        The Horseshoe Pub
                                        29 South St, Hudson, MA 01749

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                                        In Marlborough you might consider trying Tropical Cafe which has a pretty wide variety of caldos (brazilian soups worth trying, but not the weather), sandwiches called "lanches" such as x-tudo, prato feito (beef/chicken/shrimp "meat" option fried with onions, served with rice and beans), porcoes (basically bar food) including carne de sol, fried ribs, and a bunch of pulp based dishes. Their Framingham location does American breakfasts too, but I haven't been there. Some things like the lanches can be an acquired taste, but so far they have managed to offer a wide selection while keeping the quality pretty good. The Hudson Portuguese Club got a new chef a while back and he refined their menu so that would be worth a dinner visit.

                                    2. Coach Grill & Joan & Ed's are both kaput.

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                                            What? I drive by the Coach Grill every day and it's always packed - any day of the week.

                                            Coach Grill
                                            55 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778

                                            1. re: MrsCheese

                                              Apologies!!!!! Coach Grill is open. Luigi's in Wayland, a few doors down, is the one that closed. It turned into a steak house, which is what switched my neurons around and caused the error. Sorry.

                                              Joan and Ed's is definitely closed - no mistake. Last day was Father's Day.

                                              Coach Grill
                                              55 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778

                                          2. Recently tried Chloe Bistro in Hudson and a very good dinner, thought the inside looked way better once the sun went down (a bit kitsch for my taste ;), but enjoyed everything overall! Also, I really like the Texas BBQ in Northboro on Rt 20, addicted to their cole slaw.

                                            1. Welcome to Holliston. Stone's in Ashland has excellent pub food , craft beers, etc. Similar to Matt Murphy's in Brookline.

                                              You can do well if you cook. Holliston Superette has great meats, Boar's Head deli, and fish from Captain Marden's. You can order specialty cuts as well - I ordered a whole pig for a pig roast one time. Wine Shop for cheeses. Whole Foods and BJs are nearby, though I have done quite well at the Ashland Market Basket for produce and meat. Also we have several decent farm stands in town and a local beekeeper.

                                              Matt Murphy's
                                              14 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445

                                              Captain Marden
                                              279 Linden St, Wellesley, MA 02482

                                              Holliston Superette
                                              777 Washington St, Holliston, MA 01746

                                              1. Breakfast:
                                                Best on is J&M in Framingham. Also good lunch too.
                                                Stones in Ashland has a good Sunday brunch.
                                                Pejamajo's is good for a light funky breakfast - they specialize in Crepes.
                                                Joan and Ed's has been replaced by Zaftigs which you would know if you lived near Brookline.
                                                Kugel's on Route 9 in Framingham is also decent.
                                                Also, love Holliston Superette sandwiches.
                                                Bakery on the Common in Natick is decent as well.
                                                Subs are harder to come by... but the best pizza shop in the area is Giannis.
                                                Also, Taqueria Mexico just opened on Route 9. Not been there yet, but enjoyed the Waltham one a few times.

                                                Still J&M is the spot!

                                                1. Best high end food in the Franklin/Foxboro area is at Tastings Wine and Bistro at Patriot Place. We will be going there tomorrow night for their 5th Anniversary, they will have a French theme featuring wine tasting and tasting menus which is what we usually go for.