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Jan 26, 2010 07:16 PM

Help! I've moved to metrowest!

Help me Chowhound, you're my only hope!

After spending almost 20 years (scary) living in Medford, Somerville, Waltham and Brookline, family life has taken me to metrowest. A week ago we moved to Holliston. So, I'm starting almost from scratch in finding places to eat. I'm sure I'll still make pilgrimages when my schedule allows back to some of my old favorites, but on most days I'm going to need to find some new favorites.

So, here's a short list of places around here that I know and a couple of old places I need to replace. I'd love any help you can provide in finding some new favorites!

So, I know of Sichuan Gourmet, Oga's, Firefly's, Joan and Ed's, Sel de la Terre, and a bunch of chain restaurants on Route 9. I'm a similar distance to Patriot Place, so I can get a Five Guys fix a lot easier out here than I could closer to town (never mind the new one opening up in Natick). And I know about CK Shanghai and China Sky in Wellsley. I'm sure one day we'll make a return trip to Blue Ginger, but I'm really not looking for special occasion destinations as much as I'm looking for every day destinations.

So, where do I get a good breakfast around here? No more Deluxe, Soundbites, or Friendly Toast for me. :( Joan and Ed's was pretty good last weekend, but I need more than one choice.

And how about a decent sub? No more Bob's! Oh no!

I guess I'd love any suggestions for good chow of any sort out here. And if I'm overlooking old threads on this topic, feel free to point me in their direction.



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  1. For breakfast, try the J&M Diner in Framingham. It's on rt. 126, near the intersection of rt. 30. Frank McClelland (of L'Espalier) eats there with his family.

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      We like J&M too - it's our go-to breakfast spot.

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        I don't think it was mentioned in this thread but I had a great Porchetta sandwich recently at the Waverly Market in Framingham. The rest of their sandwiches and Italian offerings looked fantastic. I will be back to try the Italian sub.

      2. for subs, Gianni's on Edgell Road in Framingham is outstanding - cash only !
        also, Nicks Pizza in Ashland Center is very good as well.
        for breakfast, try Sunnyside Cafe in Ashland Center.

        1. >So, where do I get a good breakfast around here? No more Deluxe, Soundbites, or Friendly Toast for me. :( Joan and Ed's was pretty good last weekend, but I need more than one choice.

          I've always lived in Metrowest, but my (now) wife used to live in Somerville and we would go out to breakfast on the weekends when I stayed at her place. When she moved out to Concord with me, finding a good breakfast spot that serves anything besides the basics was an impossible task it seemed. 5 years later and we are still searching....

          1. I made the same move, about 7 years ago. You've hit on a number of great places. For subs, there is a Tutto Italiano in Wellesley, and though a little closer in, I've heard there are a number of great subs to be had in Roslindale (not sure exactly where). Masala Art and Sweet Basil in Needham are good for Indian, and BYOB "Italian comfort food," respectively (though opinions are mixed on Sweet Basil). I really like the Echo Bridge restaurant for a 70s red sauce experience.

            Recent great breakfasts I have had in the Metrowest area were at Gourmet Decisions in Framingham (though I can't say I'm a fan of the name). Not quite in Metrowest I guess, but I had an amazing breakfast at Auntie B's in West Roxbury (though I missed their roast beef hash). There's also the 50s diner in Dedham which I've heard good things about.

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              I believe Gourmet Decisions is in Natick, not Framingham.

              Also, don't miss sandwiches and subs at the Linden Store on Linden St. in Wellesley. For another breakfast option check out Mel's Commonwealth Cafe on Route 30 in Wayland. Nothing groundbreaking but much better than Joan and Ed's.

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                1 for 1 so far. Picked up an eggplant parm and an Italian at Tutto Italiano in Wellesley on the way home from Medford on Saturday. Great stuff. Will definitely be back. Next time I'm trying the prosciutto tomato & buffalo mozzarella.


              2. Replace Firefly's with Tennessee's BBQ in Milford. It's definitely better, and right on rte 16. And while on the topic of Milford - add the Alamo and Prezo to your lists.

                Decent sub? Just up the road (also on rte, 16) in Milford there's a place called Oliva's. Go for lunch, because once the bread/rolls are gone, there's nothing to make sandwiches on.

                On a non-food related note, Milford can be a nightmare to drive through during commuting times. Take this into account when choosing to go there.

                Restaurant 45 in Medway is also decent.

                Apparently Galante in Medway does a decent breakfast, but I haven't been.

                Tomasso in Southborough isn't too far away.

                Westborough has a few decent options and isn't that far from Holliston.

                There's also a 5 guys in Marlborough on rte 20.

                A little further - Sophie's and Chloe's in Hudson are both good.