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Jan 26, 2010 06:34 PM

Denver Restaurant Week(s) 2010 - Any Takers?

We decided to go all out so we have a bunch of reservations and cannot wait!

Parallel 17
Texas de Brazil (been every year during DRW for the last 3 yrs - can't beat the deal!)
Highland's Garden Cafe

Woo hoo! We haven't been to the others - really excited about Venue! Any experiences with these restaurants?

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  1. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Restaurant Kevin Taylor

      1. We've got a reservation for Opus in Littleton but have to get on the stick and book others.

        1. I have reservations at Rioja and Black Pearl. Looking forward to it!

          1. We're going to TDB (because we can take our daughter) and Oceanaire... very unlike us to do chain restaurants but both are great deals and we love the atmosphere at Oceanaire. I miss the days that we has reservations every night, but now a babysitter costs too much!

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            1. re: ijack

              Oceanaire is the exception to the rule.


              Me, as usual, not doing a thing. I hate Restaurant Week. I repeat this tired old story every year, but it's always true—while some restaurants treat it as a genuine opportunity to win over potential regulars and do a great job with what can be an excellent PR move, the majority treat it as Freeloader Week, expecting never to see the people who come in again and offering the bare minimum. Staff hate it because they work twice as hard for smaller tips.

              It's usually better where it's still new, like here in Denver. But after not going for years in Boston I finally gave in last year to try Root Down, and it was, sure enough, a shitshow.

              OK, that's my rant. Has anyone had *heartening* RW experiences? If so, where? Would love to know, maybe you'll convince me anew.

              1. re: tatamagouche

                I'm with you. It's just a zoo out there during Restaurant Week (or in this year's case, 2 weeks). I don't like to evaluate a new place when it's packed and you feel almost as if you are being rushed out the door to make room for the next group who has booked your table.

                1. re: tatamagouche

                  While I don't doubt that the service and experience would probably be better some other time, I enjoy the heck out of Restaurant Week. I can't afford to splurge on a fancy meal that often, and when I do, I sure like to know where to spend it. RW allows me to check out some nice places, eat great food, and not break the bank. I have no complaints. If, however, you have the money and time to eat out often, then RW is a time to be avoided.

                  As for heartening experiences, the meal I had at Restaurant Kevin Taylor 2 years ago ranks up there as one of the best I have ever had. And during Boulder's First Bite I had great meals at Colterra and Mateo.

                  1. re: LurkerDan

                    Cool. If you all will serve as my guinea pigs, I promise to help you support the places that treated you right during RW once it's all over!

                    Good for Kevin Taylor, that's a pleasant surprise.

                    1. re: tatamagouche

                      I agree with some of those thoughts, but I also think that if a place has a decent menu posted for the week, then it is a good way to check out a splurge place.

                      I went to Panzano last year, and it was fantastic. It felt the same as a normal night there, just a few minute longer wait but nothing to complain about - just smaller portions (but more courses than what I would usually eat). It was great value for the money and a wonderful dining experience.

                      1. re: FRF30

                        Well, it doesn't surprise me to hear that Panzano's one of the places that would get RW right. One of my all-time faves.

                        And I agree with your first point completely. If the menu is decent, it can be a good opportunity. But the menus often bore me; I can guess what's on them before I even look at them.

                        And that's not even really the restaurants' "fault"; it's the nature of RW that they likely have to create menus (a) that will appeal more broadly to people beyond their usual customer base and (b) reflect the cost of the meal. So sometimes I wonder if we really *are* getting a true taste of the restaurants we're using RW to get a true taste of. You know what I mean?

                        Anyway, as I said, though it's just not my thing, I'll definitely look to this and related threads to see which places pleased you all who are more appreciative and less tiresome than me, and then I'll go support them!