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Jan 26, 2010 06:04 PM

unattended oven or stove


I have a gas oven and stove and live in an condo apartment. Is is irresponsibly unsafe to leave something on the stove set on low while taking the trash downstairs.

Would it be irresponsibly unsafe to leave something in the oven - a stew or a cake when I know when I need to be back to take the item out of the oven?

  1. 1. Yes, it's irresponsible.
    2. But I do it all the time.
    3. Because it's really no different than going to check my email in the other room.
    4. I wouldn't leave anything unattended for more than 5:00, though.

    1. i'm paranoid about burning the house down, so i'd never do it. because though you may be totally confident that it'll just be a quick trip downstairs, stuff happens. you run into a chatty neighbor who distracts you and you forget...or the door somehow locks behind you and you left your keys inside...or you left a window open and a breeze blows something onto the just never know. in the meantime, while you're engaged in conversation or locked out, the liquid burns out of the pot you left on the stove and it catches on fire...or whatever flew in on the breeze ignites on the open flame...or something in the oven chars, and at the very least, you end up with a condo filled with smoke (and the odor clings to everything and lingers forever).

      yes, this is sort of a worst-case scenario approach, and i really think gas/open flame is more of a concern than electric. but i'd rather be safe than sorry. and after all, i am the one who easily justified plunking down fifty bucks for a more expensive yogurt maker because the automatic shutoff feature somehow made me feel safer about leaving it on overnight ;)

      1. Never leave cooking processes unattended.
        That's what the firemen always say when they're interviewed on TV on why the house burned down.

        1. I would do it while I went and checked the mail. But only if it were something that's on a low temperature. When I do, I always to a good check of things to see what may go wrong.

          If it wasn't safe to have an oven unattended then they wouldn't put timers on them.

          Do you leave your toaster plugged in?? I know of two people who've burned down their kitchens with toasters that were not in use but were left plugged in.


          1. Your asking the question gives you the answer.

            Jfood would not do it either.

            And to Davwud...jfood ALWAYS unplugs the toaster.

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            1. re: jfood

              I don't even leave my microwave plugged in.

              1. re: Taralli

                you know, my cabinet mounted microwave has an actual plug in the back that's plugged into an actual socket in the back of the cabinet. I doubt that's much different and no one is going to unplug *that* every day.