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Can you deep fry in a Le Creuset?

Couldn't find a direct answer on their website - (8 litre enameled cast iron French Oven).

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  1. I do--in one of mine that is unenamelled (seasoned cast iron)on the inside--although I've been told I shouldn't. Call me a rebel.

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      Le Creuset themselves told me that continued deep frying will discolor the interior of the oven over time. Has anyone found that to be true?

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        Indeed, it was a salesperson in a Le Creuset store who advised me not to fry in them. And while I haven't fried in any of mine that are enamelled inside (though I'm not sure why), I have fried in the ones that have a seasoned cast iron interior--quite successfully

    2. You can. I've made fish and chips and onion rings in my Le Creuset french oven, and all came out beautifully, with not a speck of harm to the pot.

        1. I don't see why not. The sweet spot for a lot of deep frying is 350-375 degrees; I've had no problems using the LC to make bread using temps around 450-500.

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              I read somewhere - LC's website maybe? - that they discourage deep frying in the enamel dutch ovens because the oil can exceed the acceptable temps and can damage the enamel. But just like you said, since most deep frying is done below 400 degrees, I didn't understand why it would be that bad. I'm sure the oil could heat up to the point of damaging the enamel, but I'd think that if someone is paying attention to the oil temp, they wouldn't let it get that hot.

            2. Short answer: yes Short evidence: I've done it many times..

              Observe normal cautions - don't overfill, and keep a fire extinguisher handy... you are dealing with quarts of 375degree oil.

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              1. Cooks illustrated finds it the best way to fry. They don't like the electric ones

                Not saying they are gospel (they get it wrong a lot) but I don't see any reason why not.

                1. I do it regularly. bought a dedicated deep fryer and it is in storage now. Only use the LC with a thermometer. Works great

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                    what type of thermometer do you use for this.. only pot type thermometer I have is a candy one.. not sure that would work.

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                      Some candy thermometers will work; it depends upon how high they register. Mine goes up to 400F.

                  2. i have a philips deep fryer, but haven't used it yet. i used to have a fry-baby, and really loved its small size and quick work.

                    i have used my le creuset for deep frying, but the fry baby used a lot less oil, since we don't make a lot of fried food at once.

                    with the fry-baby, we had calamari rings a lot!

                    1. I haven't deep fried in my LC because of LC warning of potential discolouration over time but more recently I acquired the Satin Black LC French Oven which has the black interio. LC says it is more suitable for high heat. I bought it specifically for the purpose and given that LC says the Satin Black enamel will acquire a patina over time, I think the deep frying can only help that process along.