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Jan 26, 2010 05:50 PM

L'Europe in South Salem becoming Restaurant 123?

I see L'Europe in South Salem (Vista, to be specific) is now closed again, with a sign outside that it "Restaurant 123" is coming soon. Does anyone have more info on this?

Vista seriously needs a restaurant with American fare and normal prices. A place to get a decent burger, or something more. Part of me hopes it's the owners of 121 in North Salem opening a "south" location.

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  1. That would be great if it was a 121, but I have not heard about that. We really needs some good options in this area, expecially with Deer Park Tavern burning down yesterday. Great loss to our area.

    1. It's been a few years but L'Europe was a very good restaurant that stayed to it's roots while the world changed around it...too bad.

      Jfood has eaten in Nino's just up the road twice in the last few weeks and was very happy. First time he enjoyed the eggplant parm and the second the penne vodka with sausage. Not burgers but good homey-type red sauce place with pizza. Just be careful with the specials as they are waaaaaay more expensive than the regular menu, ALWAYS ASK THE PRICE.

      Word of Mouth (very good bagel place across the street) now makes pizza at night. Haven't tried it yet.

      For a decent burger you need to go north to Ridgefied for Elms, south to New Canaan for Cherry Street East or west to Bedford for Meetinghouse.

      1. Here is the definitive answer - nope, not from the owners of 121

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          Thanks WCG

          jfood had a few chuckles when he read the description of the ethnic of the cuisine and then the dishes.

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            Yes, I especially liked the Thai mediterranean

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              I realize it's been open just a few days, but has anyone been? I'm curious.

              Naturally, I won't be surprised if they're working some kinks out, as new operations generally need to do.

        2. OK, maybe I should start a new thread for this, but I've finally been to Restaurant One Twenty Three.

          It was Valentine's Day dinner, and, fortunately, the regular menu was presented, as opposed to a holiday one.

          Food presentation is top notch, and I'm pleased to say, the food itself lives up to the presentation. I ordered two things that I rarely order in a restaurant, because they are generally a let-down, yet One Twenty Three gets a thumbs-up for both:

          Even at finer establishments, I am generally disappointed in crab cakes, which are usually packed with filler or other kinds of fish. One Twenty There, however, is very generous with the crab meat. The crab cake practically melts in your mouth.

          For my entree, I chose shrimp scampi, which, at One Twenty Three, is more of a pasta dish. That said, it's generous on shrimp, The scampi is served over angel hair that was perfectly cooked (a lot of places botch angel hair, which is why I usually avoid it) with capers. The portion was generous and enjoyable.

          The other person in my party ordered a very good tuna tartare appetizer, and for an entree, grilled shrimp and scallops over what was supposed to be a saffron risotto cake. The risotto turned out of be more like a round of white rice, but the shellfish was so good and so perfectly cooked, it was easier to overlook the risotto. Had risotto been the entree, I think it would have been more disappointing.

          The good thing is, the risotto was the only thing I could complain about, save for a bread basket that was perfectly fresh but should have contained a crustier bread. Hardly what I would call dealbreakers.

          Service is excellent, and the decor seems to have been "warmed up" a bit from the restaurant's days as L'Europe. The prices also seem more reasonable than those of the former menu. Dinner for the two of us, including drinks and appetizers, was around $90. Considering the types of menu items we chose, and the experience we had, I don't consider it to be ridiculously expensive. One could spend nearly as much on the same things at Nino's and not have the polished experience. (I am comparing the two because Nino's is the only other restaurant in the vicinity, though it is certainly a more red-sauce Italian establishment than One Twenty Three, which seems more refined.)

          The menu at One Twenty Three, while not huge, does offer more basic dishes like a burger or grilled chicken -- I don't remember the costs, but they were reasonable and certainly less than the dishes we ordered.

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            Thank K. Always good when a new restaurant in the neighborhood and it sounds very eclectic. Crab cakes and Jfood is glad it is more casual than the old L'Europe. May have to give it a try in the near future.

          2. This past weekend, my husband, myself, and another couple dined at One Twenty Three.

            What a great meal!

            I had a regular menu item the swordfish with tomatoes and feta. It was absolutely delicious -very flavorful and cooked perfectly. My husband had a Tilapia provencal special that was delicious as well. The portion was quite generous. He also had the crabcake appetizer which he said he would drive the 25 min drive to get there just for those! The crabcake was full of crab -wonderful! Our friends ordered Salmon and steak. Everyone was very pleased. For dessert I ordered Titamisu. It was the best I've ever tasted.

            One Twenty Three is a definite go back! The atmosphere was warm, the staff very friendly, and the prices very fair. As the above poster said, it was about $90 a couple.

            I defintely recommend this restaurant!

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              The Mrs and I tried 123 on Friday and were both happy with our meal. We shared the mussels in wine/cream sauce starter; the mussels were very fresh.

              Mrs had a tuna steak main course and I had a veal porterhouse. Both dishes were very nice. Tab came to $110 but that was with a bottle of French wine.

              Service was attentive and this place has a nice feel!