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Jan 26, 2010 05:39 PM

Valentines in Old Town

I am a walking cliche. I'm looking for a restaurant for an early dinner (6ish) in Old Town for 2/13 (the Saturday of Valentines). After perusing the posts here, I called Restaurant Eve hat in hand and was pleased they didn't laugh while I was still on the line. So, what's next? (Please don't tell me to make dinner, this is a long-distance romance so spending the day grocery shopping and preparing isn't the best use of extremely-limited time.)

My date is vegetarian and we both enjoy a good bottle of wine. We usually go for asian food but that's not an option in Old Town and after being together for quite a while we are comfortable taking a risk and trying something off our usual repertoire (Middle Eastern has worked well).

I've stalked this site, yelp, and open table and come up with a few possibilities: Me Jana, Laporta, Jackson 20, Restaurant Vero, Laylas. Any red flags there? Any others that should make the list? Any good bars or places to grab dessert later in the night?

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  1. Casablanca -- Moroccan food, on King, a couple of blocks west of the King Street metro. Geranio's - Italian on King bet. Columbus and Washington. Landini Brothers, also Italian, 300 block (?) King. La Bergerie -- french, on N. Lee.

    1. French - Le Refuge on Washington has 3 seatings (according to their sign) - Not sure about vegetarian tho.....

      1. Pita House on Cameron has lots of vegetarian options. Not a terribly fancy place, though, if that is what you're looking for.

        1. You should definitely try to get reservations at PX for drinks before or after dinner. This may be impossible, but worth a shot.

          1. I would recommend Las Tapas. Also, for dinner you could also do Grape and Bean (much more casual). But I would suggest the place for drinks (well wine). Very nice environment.

            Other dinner suggestions: Brabo (not bad for vegetarians the chef will make a dish at your request with seasonal veggies), Landini Brothers, maithai, and rustico (away from king street, but still Old Town).