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Balkan grilled burger

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Anyone in Montreal serving grilled Balkan burgers in Montreal, besides Balkan on St-Hubert street(I still haven't tried it at Balkan)? Either pljeskavica or cevapi. Was just reading the recent NY Times article on The Balkan Burger.

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  1. Pardon my ignorance but can you tell me what a Balkan burger is? What differentiates it from any other burger? The meats used? The spices?

    In the summer Romanians eat tons of "mititei" - that are sausage like in shape but harmburger like in consistency and ingredients - you can buy them uncooked for the BBQ at Bucarest or the Eastern European store at JTM, that in the summer, often sells them grilled too for a quick snack.

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      It's their version of a hamburger. It was featured in last Wednesday's NY Times food section.

    2. You could try Cafe Sarajevo at 6548 boul. St-Laurent. They should have pljeskavica on the menu I'm guessing.

      The pljeskavica at Balkan Foods is a pretty authentic version compared to the ones I've eaten in Belgrade, only the kajmak (cream) isn't as good as the stuff I've had in Serbia. The kajmak you get in balkan food stores in Canada reminds me more of cream cheese than kajmak.

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        Thanks. So the pljeskavica at Balkan is tasty? If so, I'll try it probably next week. If I have time, I'll also check out Cafe Sarajevo.

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          You can also try Cafe Adria a bit further up 6568 St Laurent. They definitely have cevapi on the menu.

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          So the grill, serving hot foods with several tables is a relatively new thing at Balkan Foods? Based on reading today's restaurant review in the Montreal Mirror. I only discovered the place around the new Christmas/New Year holidays(without sampling any of their foods at the time).

        3. Oh! I went To Balkan Foods. I was surprised. It wasn't a restaurant. It was a store with a few tables. It was the best BBQ I have ever eaten. I had a mixed plate. It was delicious. Try it.

          1. OMG.That was the best food ever.go and eat there today

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              What is the address/cross street for Balkan Foods on St Hubert

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                Aliments Balkan Foods
                7333 Rue Saint-Hubert
                (514) 273-7239‎

                Just a bit north of De Castelnau.

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                  What a coincidence...check out this week`s Montreal Mirror, they do a great mouth watering review of it! Im hungry!

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                    Maybe not a coincidence. The Montreal restaurant critics generally review only new restaurants.