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Jan 26, 2010 03:37 PM

Russ and Daughters vs. Barney Greengrass

Hey guys, need your advice again. I have only one morning in NY, and I want to spend it at Russ and Daughters or Barney Greengrass. Which one should I go to? I've heard that the Nova or Sturgeon eggs at Barney Greengrass are amazing but Russ and Daughters has better smoked fish. Thanks!

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    1. Simple call. If you're mid-town or uptown hit Barney Greengrass if your downtown go to Russ and Daughters. Both are great.

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      1. re: mrgreenbeenz

        Don't go to Barney Greengrass on a Monday, though. They're closed.

        Tuesdays through Sunday 8am to 6pm.
        Restaurant opens at 8:30am.

      2. You can't sit down at Russ & Daughters. It's a small store with takeout only. At Barney Greengrass you can sit down and eat and get waited on. Then you can buy stuff to take out if you want on the other side of the place. Russ & Daughters has nothing like egg dishes - it's a store, not a restaurant.

        The fish at both places is wonderful. All of it. Don't they both get their stuff from Acme anyway?

        I am wild about the lox & eggs & onions at Barney Greengrass.

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        1. re: gutsofsteel

          The Barney Greengrass menu on their website only has smoked fish platters; is it possible to just order the fish (and other things from the counter)?

          1. re: r0609

            Yes yes you can order whatever you want at the counter.

            1. re: gutsofsteel

              I ended up ordering the nova sturgeon combo with eggs and onions. I normally am not excited about breakfast, but this will be the breakfast I dream of for years to come. Even after being stir-fried, the sturgeon does not lose its delicate flavor and the fattiness of the nova remains. If I lived in NY, I'd go here everyday.

        2. I'm a fan of both, but if you are sitting down you have no real choice but to go to Barney Greengrass. That said, their stuff is as good-but no Lower East Side vibe like at R & D.

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          1. re: addictedtolunch

            I don't think there's any LES vibe inside the R&D store...there's an old time feeling at the BG counter too...

            (mind you I love both of these places a lot)

            1. re: gutsofsteel

              Yeah, but at R & D you are walking distance from Katz's, Kossar's Bialys, Moishe's Bakery, Ray's egg creams and quite a few "haberdashers". You vant vibe? They got vibe!

          2. I often walk by Russ and Daughters and wish they had a sit-down area. Maybe we can start a campaign?
            My favorite part is that I first heard about the place from my not-so-young stepgrandmother, who has been in love with the place for her whole life.

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            1. re: rebeccaas21

              They do have a sit-down area. It's called Katz's. Buy your stuff at R&D, take it into Katz's. Order your Katz's sandwich and then go sit in the back where there is no table service. Eat your R&D appetizers, followed by your pastrami. I've done this many, many times.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                good to know. I'll be doing that from now on.
                I was actually just there today and i felt silly assembling a bagel with creamed herring and another with pickled lox. I've always used the section where they sell chocolates and rugelahs cause it's much less crowded.

                1. re: gutsofsteel

                  wow...i feel dumb never doing this...and I have bought a sandwich at R and D and then go to Katz and other a pastrami haha.

                  1. re: jester99

                    Bringing in outside food is technically a Department of Health violation, so I don't advise doing it, even if the restaurant turns a blind eye.