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Jan 26, 2010 03:31 PM

Good Asian or Chinese places in San Jose or further south?

Our friends are driving up from Carmel and we (in Oakland) want to meet them in the South Bay for good Chinese food (or other Asian). I know there are wonderful places in Milpitas or in Silicon Valley but it would be nice if we could find something further south.
I searched the board and got a few ideas; most of them seem to be neighborhood places, or simple mall places.

We want something a bit upscale -- on the order of China Village, or else, if it's a dive, very ethnically interesting.
Any suggestions?
Vietnamese might be good.
South of San Jose is good too (Morgan Hill, Gilroy).

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  1. A few great Vietnamese choices by 101/Story Road

    Bun Bo Hue An Nam
    740 Story Road
    San Jose, CA 95122
    (408) 993-1755

    A few doors down from them is Pho Ga An Nam (for excellent chicken pho as they specialize in it).

    Or go across the street to

    Grand Century Mall
    1001 Story Rd
    San Jose, CA 95122
    (408) 298-5149

    to their food court, namely Banh Xeo Dinh Cong Trang for Banh Xeo and Cha Gio (spring roll, done the authentic way).

    There's also Taiwanese style Sichuan numbing spicy hotpot at Wuji

    1715 Lundy Ave
    San Jose, CA 95131
    (408) 441-0822

    If you want Shanghainese and xiao long bao, there's

    Shanghai Dumplings
    2172 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd.
    Saratoga, CA 95070
    (408) 253-2232

    1. Also the best Sichuan in the south bay is indeed in Milpitas

      South Legend
      1720 N Milpitas Blvd
      Milpitas, CA 95035
      (408) 934-3970

      1. I'd go to Nha Toi, which is near downtown San Jose. If you want to be further south, Cao Nguyen is a couple blocks south of Tully Road.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Second Nha Toi - aside from having stellar food, it has the non-divey (but not exactly upscale) vibe Joel's looking for.

          1. re: daveena

            Cao Nguyen is similarly non-divey. The mothership of Vung Tau in downtown SJ would also be a good pick. But my favorite of the three would be Nha Toi.