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Jan 26, 2010 03:30 PM

Starbucks - Venti Tea

Oddness at Starbucks today (in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; located inside a Safeway supermarket).

I ordered my usual Venti green tea with one teabag. I have Starbucks cards coming out my ears (I'm a teacher!) so I never really pay attention to the price.

However, the girl said that they have a new policy: all Venti teas have to come with two teabags, and if I don't want the teabag in my cup then I have the choice of getting the second teabag in a pastry bag and taking it home for later. The girl was apologetic and said she was embarassed to even have to say it.

Huh? How is that logical? Can I get around it by order a Grande tea in a Venti cup or something? It's not even the price that bothers me... it's just the absurdity.

Is this a policy at all Starbucks now?

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  1. I believe it is now a new policy at all Starbucks -- started when they had those unannounced price hikes a couple of weeks ago.

    The barristas have to assume that the customer wants two tea bags when they order a venti tea.