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Jan 26, 2010 02:36 PM

Looking for pierogi manufacturers

I am looking for pierogi manufactures. Have you heard of any?

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  1. Golden Eagle Provisions..Garfield NJ

    1. I think The Pierogi Priest in New Britain, CT is still in business - the products are sold in my local grocery.

      If homemade ones are okay - with Lent coming up, keep an eye on the social announcements and religious notices in your local paper. Lots of churches sell them by the dozen and have pierogi dinners for fundraisers.

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        Second local churches. We just got several bags of home-made pierogi from one in the Capital Region. Also, Polish American Associations may be able to help (Google is your friend - is one). Greenpoint (Brooklyn) has a large Polish community if it is not too far from you (see Outer Boroughs Board for recs).

      2. Mrs. T

        just kidding =)

        Try Fratelli Market if you are willing to make the trip to Stamford

        1. Where are you located???

          Wallington, NJ has the largest concentration of Polish persons in all of New Jersey. There are hand made pierogi and kielbasa shops "on every corner". Depending on the size of the store, they may ship.

          These stores are where the Polish people shop, and in a few of the stores you have to learn to gesture because they don't speak English (and don't care---they sell out every day)

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          1. re: BarbaraNJ

            Would you happen to have any favorite shops or addresses?

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              sorry, did not notice until now that you requested specifics. i will get some names and locations and get back to you as soon as I can.

          2. The Uke church on the west side of Auburn.