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Jan 26, 2010 02:18 PM

Best coffee shop in the Carrollton/Dallas area - even if I have to drive 30 min.

Looking for non-chain or small chain coffee with great variety and comfy setting. LOVED insomnia way back when I first moved here, but has since changed hands.
Dunn Bros. is tolerable, they have great Chai and French Press. I live in Carrollton but I am willing to travel for good Joe.

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  1. for espresso-based drinks, I'd say that Pearl Cup on Henderson is far better than anything else that I've tried in Dallas. I recommend the espresso and the Italian Cappuccino (they also make an American Cappuccino, which is good, but less impressive).

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      sorry - I just re-read your post, and I might have misguided you. Pearl Cup is nice enough, but I wouldn't call it overly "comfy". Nor is the variety all that great (although the "Pearl Latte" is nice if you like slightly sweet drinks). But the espresso is good!

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        I know this is an old post, but just in case someone is searching for espresso in the Dallas-area... Contrary to what is being said here, Pearl Cup absolutely DOES NOT make good espresso. For the life of me, I can't quite figure out what denotes a tasty espresso for most Americans, but if it's Pearl Cup, then perhaps that's why Starbucks is so popular? I have yet to find a great one in Dallas, but I don't live here, so all is not lost... If you're ever in Austin, try Houndstooth (or Medici). That's an ACTUAL espresso - or at least as close as you'll get outside of Italy. What I had a Pearl Cup yesterday was burnt, bitter, and insipid. A far cry from the real deal.

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          you are totally entitled to your opinion... however, I'll point out that Pearl Cup pulls shots from three different beans each of which has a totally different flavor profile (Eiland, Supreme Bean and Cuvee, in order of decreasing darkness and increasing acidity). And, I've found (as with all coffees shops) it depends a lot on which barista pulls your shot. I've had some pretty good espresso at Pearl Cup, and I was less than impressed with the shot I had at Medici which was overly acidic for my tastes (although I've only been there once, so I'm not about to condemn them in light of all the favorable reviews I've heard).

          I'll give Houndstooth a try next time I'm in Austin. Any idea what beans they're using? I'd also point out that I had a remarkably good cappuccino at Frank (made from Intelligentsia Black Cat), and yes - the cappuccino I had at Medici (to cover up that espresso) was delicious.

    2. I definitely second the Pearl Cup, it's my favorite coffee house. But my second choice is Opening Bell

      1. Well, if you put the pedal to the metal, you could make in in just about 30 min. Come to Buon Giorno, a neighborhood coffee house where (multiple roasts/blends) coffee beans are roasted right there. Also hot chocolate like you may have never tasted before. Various different participation nights throughout the week - see calendar and see online menu for coffee, drinks and eats - pastries are from Main Street Bread Baking Co.

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          I second Buon Giorno in Grapevine (just west of Hall Johnson and Hwy 121). I just returned from my first trip to Italy, and the espressos and cappucinos I've had at BG are just like those in Italy (BG's cups are bigger, though).

        2. Art Six Coffee House in Denton. Art and English students displaying their works/open mic nights. I don't drink coffee but my wife seemed to like it

          Jupiter Coffee House I have heard was comfy but their coffee was not the best.

          I am not sure if you are wanting tea or coffee? Chai is a tea drink, not to be rude.

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            Most coffee houses offer alternatives to coffee for those who enjoy the atmosphere or simply the company of their coffee drinking friends, but like you, don't partake in the "joe".

            Art Six sounds akin to Buon Giorno, sharing similar ancillary lagniappes. Given your wife's enjoyment of coffee, she may enjoy trying some of the fresh roasts from BG. If I remember, I was told none of the blends are more than 1 week out of the roaster as they rotate all of them through their daily service. (And I'll repeat, the hot chocolate is exceptional.) See their web-site "store tab" for descriptive selections.

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              Thanks for the rec!

              If you are looking for a solid roasted whole bean coffee try out Aduro Bean Coffee. Rupert and Nancy are both really nice and are acommodating. I was at the Fort Worth Farmers Market one weekend after my wife tried the coffee at Latte Da Dairy and Rupert had run out of coffee. He told us to meet him at his shop just around the corner form the "Circle" out in SW Fort Worth. He roasted the small batch of coffee just for my wife and chatted with us for about two hours or so. I normall don't like coffee but Rupert has a very smooth version he roasts (I believe either the Nutty Blonde of Black and Tan was the one I tried).


              My wife and I will get out Buon Giorno out this weekend. (As a side note I had the best glass of orange juice in Rome on our honeymoon at a very popular/busy coffee shop L'Angolo Russo on Corso Sempione (corner of Via Nomentana Nuova and Via Gargano) and she also enjoy the best cappuccino)

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              I know that chai is tea, chai is the indian word for tea, so if you ask for a chai tea it's like asking for a "tea tea" please. HA. I love tea and coffee and hot cocoa, I was asking for the best "coffee shop" not the best coffee specifically. Just want a nice independent place to chill with good drinks and comfy atmosphere.

            3. You would love Crooked Tree. It's housed in a house and is filled with couches and comfy seating--lots of character. They have great chai lattes to boot!

              The Pearl Cup is one of my favorite coffeehouses. They also offer french presses. Drip is good, and probably the most sleek and modern looking coffeehouse I've been to.