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Jan 26, 2010 01:53 PM

Grilling fish/Seafood markets

What is the best fish to grill?

And does anyone have a recommendation on seafood markets in the Valley?

Lastly, any opinions on the Santa Monica Seafood market? I've been disappointed by the selection at Whole Foods more than once- maybe it has to do with the turnaround of their seafood, but before I go to Santa Monica Seafood, I wanted to ask this.


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  1. SM Seafood is great especially with their new location which includes a cafe. The guys behind the counter are always willing to give suggestions for fish type and cooking methods based upon your tastes. I have been super pleased with the quality and cost compared to Whole Foods. I'll never buy fish at WF's again. SMS has a larger selection than WF and just tastes fresher. I also sometimes buy in small quantites, just for myself, and the guys there are really nice and helpful. Worth the cost. I do see weekly specials in the newspaper.

    Sorry, no reccs for the valley.