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Jan 26, 2010 12:48 PM

Microwave Snack Creations

For years I have microwaved chocolate and almond butter together, tossed in cereal, and coated the whole thing with a mix of powdered sugar and cocoa powder. My good friend microwaves brown sugar and butter together and then mixes in yogurt for a caramel fruit dip. Does anybody have any favorite creations? I am a student in need some new ideas!

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  1. Both "discovered" while in College and eating at the commons.

    The classic- rice crispie treats. Marshmallows, dab of butter. Melt. Add rice crispies until right ratio. Sometimes choc chips are added.

    Easy chocolate fondue- Melt chocolate chips. Dip whatever you have.

    1. -BUNUELOS - Tortilla (whole-wheat or whatever type you prefer) - sprinkled with water, then cinnamon sugar; pop in the microwave for a minute or so on high, til it gets bubbly and crispy - voila!

      - i love caramelized carrots - so i stick em in a ziploc bag, and nuke for enough minutes til they get uber soft and start to caramelize on the outside. i sprinkle with kosher salt... for a salty-gooey-sweet snack.... i fear this sounds a lot weirder than i think it is when i'm making it...

      -my ex liked this... take whole wheat bread and roll it out or simply flatten til very thin... line a microwave safe bowl with bread slices, overlapping and mushing it together to form a crust... nuke this for 15-20 seconds. meanwhile beat together some egg (whites) with salt, pepper, and herbs of choice if you like. sprinkle cheese (cheddar/jack/cotija) over the bread crust, and return to micro for 15-20 seconds. top with half of egg, some salsa, and the rest of the egg and cover dish with paper towel. microwave for 30 seconds, then check on it, then another 30 seconds, etc. and monitor to make sure it's cooked til your desired doneness. in the last 15 seconds, you can add a little more cheese to the top. remove from the bowl, and put it on a plate :-) and it still looks like it's in its own bowl :-)


        I have not tried this myself, but it seems to have been received with positive reviews and I have it bookmarked for times of desperation :-)

        1. If you ever want a savory snack, you can very thinly slice potatoes and microwave them a few minutes until they are brown and crispy. You won't believe how crispy they get - better than a lot of store-bought chips. A little salt and you're good to go. I sandwich them in parchment paper so they don't stick to the plate.

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            or nuke a whole potato til soft then split in half and either cover with cheese and toast to get a crispier skin and melt the cheese, or just stick it back in the micro. you can also nuke some broccoli and add that with the cheese as well.

            you can also scoop the flesh and stuff the skins with filling of your choice - cheese, salsa, beans, etc. insta-stuffed-taters!

          2. Pepperoni chips. Microwave thinly sliced pepperoni (yk the Hormel sliced pepp. in a bag? perfect here) on a paper towel until crisp. My microwave is a beast, so I'd say to try a few batches to get the timing right - you're going for light and crispy chips, not oily.