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Microwave Snack Creations

For years I have microwaved chocolate and almond butter together, tossed in cereal, and coated the whole thing with a mix of powdered sugar and cocoa powder. My good friend microwaves brown sugar and butter together and then mixes in yogurt for a caramel fruit dip. Does anybody have any favorite creations? I am a student in need some new ideas!

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  1. Both "discovered" while in College and eating at the commons.

    The classic- rice crispie treats. Marshmallows, dab of butter. Melt. Add rice crispies until right ratio. Sometimes choc chips are added.

    Easy chocolate fondue- Melt chocolate chips. Dip whatever you have.

    1. -BUNUELOS - Tortilla (whole-wheat or whatever type you prefer) - sprinkled with water, then cinnamon sugar; pop in the microwave for a minute or so on high, til it gets bubbly and crispy - voila!

      - i love caramelized carrots - so i stick em in a ziploc bag, and nuke for enough minutes til they get uber soft and start to caramelize on the outside. i sprinkle with kosher salt... for a salty-gooey-sweet snack.... i fear this sounds a lot weirder than i think it is when i'm making it...

      -my ex liked this... take whole wheat bread and roll it out or simply flatten til very thin... line a microwave safe bowl with bread slices, overlapping and mushing it together to form a crust... nuke this for 15-20 seconds. meanwhile beat together some egg (whites) with salt, pepper, and herbs of choice if you like. sprinkle cheese (cheddar/jack/cotija) over the bread crust, and return to micro for 15-20 seconds. top with half of egg, some salsa, and the rest of the egg and cover dish with paper towel. microwave for 30 seconds, then check on it, then another 30 seconds, etc. and monitor to make sure it's cooked til your desired doneness. in the last 15 seconds, you can add a little more cheese to the top. remove from the bowl, and put it on a plate :-) and it still looks like it's in its own bowl :-)

      1. http://www.recipezaar.com/Microwave-C...

        I have not tried this myself, but it seems to have been received with positive reviews and I have it bookmarked for times of desperation :-)

        1. If you ever want a savory snack, you can very thinly slice potatoes and microwave them a few minutes until they are brown and crispy. You won't believe how crispy they get - better than a lot of store-bought chips. A little salt and you're good to go. I sandwich them in parchment paper so they don't stick to the plate.

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            or nuke a whole potato til soft then split in half and either cover with cheese and toast to get a crispier skin and melt the cheese, or just stick it back in the micro. you can also nuke some broccoli and add that with the cheese as well.

            you can also scoop the flesh and stuff the skins with filling of your choice - cheese, salsa, beans, etc. insta-stuffed-taters!

          2. Pepperoni chips. Microwave thinly sliced pepperoni (yk the Hormel sliced pepp. in a bag? perfect here) on a paper towel until crisp. My microwave is a beast, so I'd say to try a few batches to get the timing right - you're going for light and crispy chips, not oily.

            1. Take a slice of American cheese (not the plastic-wrapped kind, Kraft's Deli Deluxe or a deli brand works), cut it into 16 squares, set in a circle on the edges of a piece of parchment paper, nuke for 40 seconds on high, let cool a bit. Little bitty cheese crackers, sturdy enough for dip.

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                You can do this with little piles of grated cheddar, too.

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                  And they're pliable when warm; shape them over the backs of muffin tins and use them as crispy cheesy serving dishes. Filled with a perfectly dressed micro-green salad, it almost seems healthy!

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                    Must do this right now.

                    Only if by "micro-greens" you mean something like "guacamole."

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                    or parmesan and drizzle with a little Caesar dressing...

                2. My 16-year-old daughter makes fudge by nuking a pound powdered sugar with half a cup of cocoa powder, half a cup of butter, and a quarter cup of milk in an 8-inch square Pyrex dish. When the butter melts (2-3 minutes), remove and stir together with a tablespoon of vanilla and a half cup of nuts. It's surprisingly good for how easy it is.

                  1. This sounds strange and is incredibly easy but I find it pretty tasty. Get a flour tortilla (decent quality, if you can afford it) and microwave 30-40 seconds, until nice and warm. Spread/drizzle with mustard (I like Gulden's spicy brown), sprinkle with coarse salt, roll/fold it up and eat. I swear it tastes almost like a soft pretzel.

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                      Or slather that tortilla with hummus, sprinkle some cheese on top, nuke, and roll. Strangely satisfying.

                      My favorite: microwave s'mores. Bottom graham cracker-chocolate-marshmallow in the microwave for 20-30 seconds - just enough for the marshmallow to inflate and go gooey inside while the chocolate softens. Remove and top with second graham cracker. Not as good as the real thing, but passable in January.

                    2. not a "snack" per se, but a lot of people don't realize that you can microwave ground beef and get a decent result that can be the basis of other quick recipes (burritos, nachos, meat sauce, etc). Chop up an onion, mince the meat finely so it's not one big block, combine with onion, put in microwave-safe dish, and nuke it on high until browned and done. You can stir it a few times throughout the process and break up clumps. The fat in the beef will cook the onions so that they are translucent by the time the meat is done. Season and use in your favorite dish! :)

                      I don't think anyone mentioned the quintessential chocolate-cake-in-a-mug, either...

                      1. I cut up an apple or a couple of peaches, sprinkle with Cinnamon and microwave for 4-5 minutes. I then put it over vanilla ice cream or eat it as is. It tastes very decadent but so healthy.

                        1. Place 3 to 6 Fig Newtons in a large soup bowl, top with marshmallows, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg, nuke for a 1 minute, then top immediately with large scoop of ice cream (my preference is vanilla). Serve.

                          1. Ancient green with white motif Pyrex rectangle dish with clear fluted lid.
                            Add 1 cup of salted water
                            Line up fresh green beans
                            Arrange a few see-through-thin lemon slices over the top of the beans
                            Crack some pepper over all
                            Set the lid on & nuke on "High" for 3 mins.
                            Perfect everytime!

                            Mix any nutbutter with honey
                            Toast any bread to "7" on the Cuisinart digital toaster (darker than 5 (usual setting), but not "charcoal" by a long shot)
                            Slather the toast with the nutbutter & honey
                            Arrange slices of toasted bread around the carousel, on parchment, please
                            Nuke 30 seconds
                            Will be exceptionally _hot_ (Careful!)
                            Lovely as-is, or with a bowl of hot cereal

                            >>Poof!<< marshmallows in the 8-cup Pyrex measuring cup
                            When >>poofed!<< immediately stir in leftover chopped nutmeats & coconut leftovers
                            Give everyone a spoon of this to their eternal gratitude and delight!

                            Heat a stick of organic butter until melted in a low and wide covered glass - a glass pie plate with an inverted pie plate for the "lid" works well
                            Remove from microwave
                            Press 1+ cloves of peeled garlic straight into the melted butter and stir
                            Set center-table for everyone to dip fondue forks with cubes of bread into, or, pour over large mixing bowl of cubed bread and toss-toss-toss & serve, or, then pass under broiler for excellent croutons without stovetop use

                            3 egg whites being (1) diabetic protein serving, use the egg-looking microwave egg cooker (It _really_ works!) to make 12 in minutes, following directions - and changing to fresh cool water between each batch - which takes about as long as it does to peel each batch, so great with timing there!
                            Toss the yolks and mix the whites with quickly chopped celery and whatever else you want/have on hand
                            Serve on crackers / toss with pasta / wonderfully satisfying addition to an otherwise protein-free event - (Eating IS an "event" '-)

                            Using leftover pasta, or rice
                            Layer alternating either only cheese, or, cheese-pasta-veggies
                            Keep going until I used up
                            Nuke until the edges look "done"
                            Remove and stir-stir-stir to share the heat with the center, mix it all up and get the cheese to the perfect point of being very long strands of wonder
                            Serve at once

                            _ANY_ cereal enjoyed with cold milk
                            Place bowl in microwave
                            Nuke until _hot_
                            Enjoy a newfound love!
                            The ones with sliced almond, and/or cinnamon are especially tasty this way - The nuts "come back to life"!

                            When making crepes/pancakes/waffles/biscuits
                            Use favorite jelly (red currant is great for this!)
                            Dump the jar of jelly into a measuring cup (glass)
                            Set a square of parchment over it
                            Nuke until quite warm
                            Stir well
                            Maybe nuke longer, or not, depends on your settings/power
                            Use instead of syrup ~ OMGosh wonderful in small servings!

                            Thumbprint cookies
                            Go all around the perimeter of the carousel placing storebought simple cookies to form a ring
                            Atop each add (1) Hershey's Kiss, or ?
                            Nuke just until you know they've "taken"
                            Quickly, dab a nutmeat, or ? Atop each for the "homemade fresh from the oven" look, or scarf 'em down 1 for me, 1 for the party - totally your call '-)

                            Cheesy Pears / Apples
                            Using the Pyrex rectangular pan with the lid
                            Core pears/apples
                            Partially peel apples decoratively, if desired
                            Lop a 2-pound block of sharp cheddar in half
                            Cut 1/2 into rectangular sticks - as many as you have pieces of fruit prepared in the dish
                            Slice the other into as many slices as sticks/fruit
                            Drip some drops of fresh lemon (not lime) onto the & into each fruit
                            Follow with a stick of cheese into the core cavity
                            Top with a slice
                            Nuke until as you prefer them
                            If desired: Quickly sprinkle with finely chopped nutmeats before the cheese begins to cool

                            1. I bought some powdered cheese powder off ebay. It is used by restaurants to create a quick cheese sauce and yes it is real cheese.

                              Anyway, I microwave some popcorn and sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of that powder over it and shake. Cheese popcorn.

                              This was sort of a creation of necessity. I found myself eating out of one of those popcorn tins you see at Christmas with the 3 sections. Well I kind of liked the cheese popcorn but it was stale. God knows how long that popcorn sits around in those tins. I took some cheese powder out of a boxed mac and cheese. It was pretty good but too salty. There is an awful lot of sodium in boxed mac and cheese. Finally I looked around and found a powdered cheese sauce that actually had cheese. It worked out pretty well.

                              1. Making peanut brittle in a microwave is easier and quicker than on the stove top.

                                Microwave Peanut Brittle