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Jan 26, 2010 12:45 PM

Kosher Food in Breckenridge, CO

I am possibly planning a trip skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado and am wondering what kind of kosher options are there. If not an actual kosher restaurant, maybe something vegan? I think Breckenridge is about an hour from Denver so if there are some options there that are good to know about, that would be great. We will have a house there and spending Shabbat so a grocery store with Kosher meat would be ideal.


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  1. Searching for Denver on will give you a list of what's available there. I remember being there are few years ago, but don't recall anything more specific than that. We did spend a lovely shabbat in the community, though . . . got hospitality through one of the local shuls. I realize that's not your situation, but kosher food is definitely available in Denver. Breckenridge, though, I have no idea about.

    1. There appears to be a Kosher option in Vail. Nothing for Breckenridge. I believe the Vail Chabad is closest also. Although it looks like the Vail option ends this month.

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        OK thanks. There seems to be a big kosher grocery store in Denver called East Side Kosher Deli, which I think will be perfect. I'm wondering if there's anything more local though since Denver is about an hour and a half away. Maybe at least a vegetarian option?

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          You'd probably be better off asking the regional board (Midwest now, Mountain States after the board reorganization on Thursday) about vegetarian restaurants than asking here. I would be truly surprised if there were a kosher store/takeout place in Breckenridge.

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            East Side Kosher is good nice selection and ha a restaurant - decent food. For vegetarian restaurants I use to search for local vegans options - a shamash like site listing vegetarian options -