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Jan 26, 2010 12:32 PM

Vietnamese Party Catering?

Has anyone had experience ordering party trays from Song Que (or any of the Eden Center eateries) to cater an event?

I'm in charge of the food for my sister's bridal shower and in addition to making a few things, we thought it'd be nice to have platters of banh mi sandwiches and summer rolls.

Would appreciate insight on places, specific menu items, and also how they handle the order (confirmation, packaging for pickup, etc.)


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  1. I've never ordered from Song Que but a friend of mine ordered party platters for her rehearsal dinner from Saigon Cafe, which is in the shopping center across the street from Eden Center. She ordered cha giò, goi cuon, bánh bèo, chao tôm, bánh Ít nhân tôm, green papaya salad with beef jerky, and other things I can't quite remember but it was all pretty tasty. My friend lives in DC but she had a fellow party guest who lived in NOVA pick up the food for her on his way to her house. The food arrived in standard foil trays covered with plastic wrap or foil. They also provided all the dipping sauces, etc.

    As for prices, my friend is an attorney at a big law firm so I don't think price was an issue for her. I am VN from southern CA, where quality VN food at low prices is plentiful, and when I showed Saigon Cafe's catering menu to my visiting mom, she just about had a heart attack at their high prices. So it's expensive by Orange County standards but since this ain't Orange County, you take what you can get.

    1. Not a "tray," but earlier this winter i needed several items from them ready for pickup early on a Sunday. Banana/rice rolls, spring rolls, etc. Everything was fresh, packaged, and ready to go at exactly the time they said it would be......and delicious as usual. Can't imagine that the same wouldn't be true for large orders.

      i'd pay attention to what is prepared, and usually eaten, warm. if you get a bunch of banh mi, most or all of them are made with warm ingredients. won't be warm by the time you serve them. etc. good luck!

      1. sorry for double posting

        1. Hi there. I know Huong Binh bakery at Eden Center does catering. They have a very extensive menu of party platters and they're not expensive ($12 per party platter). I did an online search and foudn their website with downloadable menus. I and my wife (she's Vietnamese) have used them for office parties. They can also prepare items on demand e.g. veggie spring rolls, desserts 'in bulk.' I think you ought to check them out.