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Jan 26, 2010 12:05 PM

help with name of place in asbury

hi fellow chowhounders

there is a new pizza place on lake ave, closer to the main drag. does anyone know the name of it? i want to check it out.


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  1. Asbury Pie (but that's on Cookman)? Crust and Crumble?

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    1. re: ejdb

      Nope, there's another one that recently opened.

        1. re: dani0622

          Crust and Crumble has a large sign on lake ave and is close to main.

          1. re: AC Captain

            you know what it was crust and crumble. my boyfriend said it wasn 't but there wasn't anything else there! unfortunately it was closed on tuesday.

            1. re: dani0622


              Oh man.. vegan options! Sausage & Pepper sandwich, meatball sandwich, and pizza too. I want to try this place really soon! Thanks for mentioning!

              1. re: MarlboroMan

                LOL.. I couldn't wait.. we went to C&C after church today.

                Wife had personal pizza with meatballs (all vegan). I had a slice of it. Crust was excellent, slightly chewy, but crispy at the same time. Wife is VERY picky, thought she would hate it, but loved it.

                I had a sausage sandwich with cheese (also vegan). Great sausage (Field Roast Italian), but the real star here was the bread.. baked on premises.

                I'd go back to this place just for the crust and bread. They also have baked goods. The chocolate raspberry cake looked delish but wasn't vegan so we passed.

                Walked around the antique emporium for a while. Got some treats to go from the Twisted Tree Cafe (carrot cake, banana chocolate chip muffin, 2 choco chip cookies).