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Jan 26, 2010 12:03 PM

Central Grocery - quick question

I will be in New Orleans this Thursday - Sunday & would like to get a muffaletta or two to take home on the plane with me. I was wondering if anyone knew their days/hours of operation?

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  1. I believe CG is closed on Sunday. I'm a local and I quit going to CG for muffulettas decades ago. Their are much better muffulettas to be had in the quarter. Theres even a great place for a muffuletta out by the airport, Come Back Inn on Williams Blvd.

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      This local loves the CG muffalettas - and yes they are open Saturday until 5pm, closed Sunday

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        Try: Napoleon House, Frank's, Cafe Maspero, even Verti Marte. My family like Salvatore's came to NO straight from Italy and Sal would roll over in his grave at what theyve done to his beloved sandwich. I hate to bash them but CG has become a tourist trap. The Muffuletta has way too much bread to meat ratio and stingy on ingredients

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          Chalk this local up in the "like Central Grocery" column. I go over there every so often (work in Quarter) and I haven't found the ratio to be anything less than generous. More generous than Napoleon House, most times. Great lunch to split with a friend. Maybe it just depends on who's behind the counter. At any rate, to each his own!

    2. If you'll have refrigeration available in your hotel, it's completely possible to get a sandwich at CG on Saturday and fly back with it on Sunday--in fact, it'll taste better on Sunday because the oil from the salad will have infused into the bread. You can call ahead to CG and order it. If you're worried about it getting too warm in your carry-on, buy a bag or two of frozen veggies and put them around the sandwich in a small cooler or lunch pack.

      1. Not a fan--of the sandwich or the shop mentality that everone is a tourist and tourists should be treated as a herd--but realize the place is sacred to many. I'm pretty sure they are closed on both Sunday and Monday.

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          To be sure call ahead. (504) 523-1620