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Jan 26, 2010 12:01 PM

Corton: Prix Fixe vs Tasting?

Finally returning to NYC after a 2 year hiatus and I have reservations at Corton with wines already selected from the reserve list.

A very reliable friend was wowed by the prix fixe but I could find very few posts comparing the prix fixe and the tasting menu in terms of experience. I was wondering if anyone has done both and if the tasting menu offers anything more in terms of experience.


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  1. I've only tried the prix fixe. It would really depend on the dishes that you would like to have. Our choices, the beef and the cod, which were not on the tasting menu. The server explained that the prix fixe came with a several side dishes, so we would have about the same amount of food as the tasting.

    There are those who are underwhelmed by Corton, but I for one was wowed by the surreal and theatrical presentations. The flavor combinations were unusual without being too cerebral, and the sheer variety of dishes supplementing the prix fixe was just dazzling. Not to mention the amuses, pre-desserts and mignardises.

    I also loved the room and the service - very zen, which seemed appropriate for French food inspired by Asian sensibilities.

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      I have a feeling I'm going to like Corton more than Per Se which is why I made Corton my last dinner in town.

      Thanks for the input.

    2. I went to Corton last night for the first time. My date and I debated the virtues of the Prix Fixe vs. Tasting menus, particularly since we planned to share everything.

      We opted for the Tasting Menu, and I'm glad we did, especially since they allowed us some key substitutions. I can't eat Uni or striped bass, plus we wanted to try the pheasant in addition to the duck. The pheasant was one of the stellar dishes. Duck was very good, inventive, but not stellar. On the other hand, the lobster from the prix fixe was not stellar, and my date's striped bass from the tasting menu looked better.

      The courses on the Tasting Menu (which is not up to date on the Corton web site, BTW) are very complicated and pretty impressive, with lots of accompaniments and activity associated with each one. It's a bit overwhelming, and they don't explain each one adequately, but overall, it's definitely experience. I sprang for the truffle supplement which was generous but not really worth it from a flavor perspective.

      So, in short, Tasting.

      PS: I indicated my food sensitivities on my Open Table res, and they were really great about addressing them.

      239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013