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Jan 26, 2010 12:01 PM

slider buns-seattle

who knows positively where to get any slider buns-pepperidge farms or ??? i've heard rumors of sightings at whole foods but would love confirmation. need rather quickly.
thanks much.

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  1. I don't think you'll find Pepp. Farm buns,but have you tried those King's
    Hawaiian Buns?
    I think same size and softness,perfect for sliders?

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    1. re: grangie angie

      True, King's Hawaiian buns are perfect for sliders.

    2. I have found Brioche slider buns at Whole foods on a regular basis.

      1. Metropolitan Market carries them in packages of 8 for about $3. I used them for pulled pork sliders and they were great.

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        1. re: yoyo11

          I saw packages of them at the QFC in University Village last week. Not sure the brand.

        2. I have seen slider buns at Costco Business Center in Lynnwood but they are definitely not Pepp Farm. They were $2.50 for I believe 24 slider buns if memory serves me correctly.

          1. Restaurant Depot on Marginal stocks the Franz ones, thus, they should be available at the Franz/Gai's Outlet stores. If they're not on the shelf, just ask and they'll either have some in the back or can order them for you on the next truck.

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            1. re: VibeGuy

              thanks for all the info. hopefully i'll find them tomorrow.

              1. re: bighound

                Alberstons carries them by the hamburger buns , ?Franz?, not sure of brand name.

                1. re: lulou23

                  I'll second and third the Kings Hawaiian rolls. Great for sliders.