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ISO Edmond Fallot DIJON MUSTARD (Same Mustard from Bouchon)

Where I can find Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard? I know Bouchon uses it as their house mustard, but I do not believe they sell it.

I know for a fact that Whole Foods and Surfas do not carry it. I have seen it at Bristol Farms for $4.69, which seems fairly steep to me for a little jar of mustard. Anyone have a good, cheap source? Also interested in their Dijon mustard with green peppercorns, if anyone has a source for that one too!

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  1. Did you ask them if they know of an in town source? Just in case you come up dry here is a list of places online that feature gourmet condiments: http://www.summer-snowstorm.com/Shopp...

    1. $4.69 is not particularly expensive for an imported specialty mustard these days. Schreiner's, the German butcher/deli in Montrose, wants seven or eight dollars for their imported mustards, almost certainly due to the dollar vs. Euro difference.

      1. Epicure Imports is having their sale next month. They have a delicious green peppercorn dijon mustard that I introduced to my husband (and he loved it!). Their regular dijon is not as spicy as Bouchon's.

        1. Fallot is not a rare or exotic mustard. Over the years I've spotted it at Cost Plus, Vons, Hows, Ralphs, and so on. (IOW, it's widely available, so call around.)

          A quick look at Internet pricing suggests that $4.69 is a pretty good price... so on your bike and off to Bristol Farms you go!

          1. $4.69 is nothing to pay for good mustard.

            Heck, a little 9 oz bottle of domestic Raye's mustard is $4.25. The mustard fiend that I am, I usually buy it in the gallon sizes, which runs me about $25 before S&H.

            1. Very interesting. Thanks everyone for their responses!

              As a side, does anyone prefer a particular dijon to Fallot? What about Trader Joes' Dijon?

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                My late pa-in-law, who as an importer introduced Pommery mustard to the West Coast, swore that Trader Joe's Dijon was the best available here. He insisted it was because it was always as fresh as was commercially feasible, that a newly-stocked jar was never over two weeks old. I don't know if that is still true, or even if it ever was, but the man knew his mustard. And it's certainly the most potent straight Dijon I've ever had.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  "And it's certainly the most potent straight Dijon I've ever had."

                  Damn skippy on that, dear sir!

                  1. re: Joe Blowe

                    Hmm, Ive bought it from Surfas in the past I wonder why they don't carry it anymore?

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                    To quote from the bottle: "The ingredients of real Dijon mustard are strictly regulated by more than 300 years of tradition: mustard seeds, white wine or white vinegar, water, and spices. Trader Joe's Dijon Mustard is made according to ancient methods, in traditional oak barrels, without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors." The bottle also says that its a product of Dijon, France.

                    I did notice that the TJ's dijon is more pungent than the Fallot, although I think my personal tastes go with Fallot. I need to do a blind taste test to settle the issue!

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                    I'm French and I like my mustard potent. I usually bring back some Amora from home, failing that, the Trader Joe's one is the best robust mustard I can find here.

                    1. Bay Cities in Santa Monica has it. Just saw it tonight. $3.98 for most varieties. There was a Burgundy type that was a dollar more, and one that had some kind of pink color to it (I forget which kind it was) that was closer to $8.

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                        I'm usually not a big mustard fan, but at Epicure Imports warehouse sale last year, the only thing I got was a small bottle of walnut dijon mustard. It is to die for! It turns an ordinary salami sandwich into a gourmet offering. All my www.LAfoodies.org friends that tasted that mustard also bought it. Ah, it is by Edmond Fallot and was around $3-4 but $7-8 online at Amazon if I recall. I don't remember the price because one of my foodie friends insisted on buying it for me as she had a big cart loaded with stuff and I just had this lone bottle of mustard. Other friends also had carts loaded up. What's wrong with me? Actually, I have an overly stocked cupboard was the main reason.

                        Me thinks I can reverse engineer this mustard... Arrgh, yet another foodie project...

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                          The mustard at Epicure Imports sells for $2.75 a jar. The next public sale is February 12th-13th.