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Jan 26, 2010 11:44 AM

Does anyone know where to find Thai Chilies in manhattan?

Looking for Thai chili for a recipe. Anyone know where to buy them in manhattan, preferably midtown? tia.

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  1. It's not midtown, but Bangkok Center Grocery on Moscoe has them, along with all kinds of other hard to find Thai ingredients. For what it's worth, I've seen what I think are also thai chilis in other chinatown markets, including the one on the south side of Bayard between Mott and Mulberry.

    1. I know a place in chinatown or Chelsea market, but was hoping to find something a bit closer to midtown.

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        I think Little India has them, on 28th St. And also Foods of India, on Lex/28th.

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          Kalustyan's, Little India, Foods Of India....all within a block of each other so you'll be well served in that neighborhood.

        2. Where do they sell them in Chelsea Market? We popped into the Thai place there but came out empty-handed.

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            Thai chilis should be available at the Manhattan Food Exchange in Chelsea Market (looks like a huge fruit and veg store)