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Jan 26, 2010 11:39 AM

Celebrating parents 43rd Anniversary!! Restaurants needed!

My husband and I are taking my parents to D.C. Valentine's weekend. They are celebrating 43 years on February 11th.

We are staying at the Capitol Hyatt where my brother works.

Looking for a reasonable restaurant that is Beef specific??? A friend that will be joining us can't eat pasta etc.

It is Valentine's weekend so maybe a place that takes reservations. We have a car.....Entrees under $25.00???

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  1. Beef specific... well if you could do Ray's the Steaks in Arlington. Some cuts of beef are slightly more than 25, but not by too much, the NY strip with topping is like $29, and it is huge. You get free mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. Takes Reservations.

    In DC you might check out one of the French bistro's for beef centric under $25.

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      Thank you...I lived in Arlington till about 5 years ago and have heard all kinds of things about Ray's, especially the burgers..

    2. You'll definitely want to make a reservation for V-day weekend. $25 is a bit low for steak dinner in DC and well, for most dinners in DC, unless you're going ethnic (which I guess you're not)
      Do you have any wiggle room with your budget?
      I would suggest that you look to restaurants that offer pre-theater menus, such as 701. Still, probably more than $25, but you'll know what you're going to be spending ahead of time. *IF* you can go up to $35, I'd recommend the pre-theater dinner menu at J&G Steakhouse for a special meal and experience.

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        Their Valentine's Menu is $70...not within our budget....thanks for the input!!!

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          Ooops! I hate how restaurants increase their prices for one day, when it's the same exact food they serve any other day!

      2. The steak at Belga Cafe on Capitol Hill is only $22. It is excellent. Though this is not a blanket recommendation for the restaurant as a whole.

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        1. You might want to consider Bistro du Coin in Dupont. They have many beef (and seafood) items on the menu for under $25. I say "might consider" because the atmosphere is very loud. My parents tend to think of the hustle and bustle as "fun," but your parents may not enjoy that.

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          1. re: georgetownronin

            Took my parents to 1789 for their anniversary. The service and food was amazing. Enjoy.

            1. re: 2cooks5eaters

              agree they would love it, my parents sure did, but the poster said they wanted "reasonable". Outside of restaurant week & the summer special, i wouldn't call 1789 reasonable. However if you can swing it, they would love it and beef is an option.

          2. If you are willing to go above the price range listed above, I would definitely look into Blue Duck Tavern. They do excellent braised meats and steak, and they come with interesting and unique sauces etc.