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Jan 26, 2010 09:59 AM

Saute Pan Warping on electric stovetop

I have bought several pans that sit perfectly flat when new on my glass top stove top. Anyone know a good pan for this. I prefer a non stick. Costco is selling a 18 gauge stainless steel that looks good, but no track record. We have tried the t-fal, circulon, and cephalon hard anodized aluminum pans. Actually the T-Fal, the cheapest, has been the best of the three?

I guess the bigger question is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Am I doing something wrong or expecting too much?

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  1. Keep in mind what you're using a piece of cookware for. Sautee is a high heat method that does not lend itself well to poorly manufactured equipment. Also, nonstick cookware is a very bad choice for high heat cooking. The chemicals that bond teflon to your cookware begin to break down at around 500 degrees, which is much easier to reach than you may believe(consider the area in your pan that is not in direct contact with food will be hotter, and the part that is is not necissarily protected.). This not only ruins your pan but leeches toxic chemicals into the air and your food. If you're sauteing, stick with well made stainless or cast iron.

    1. Tom,

      I have to agree with remowilliams. I think of all the cookware. Nonstick is worst for a saute pan or a wok because of the high heat requirement on these cookware. That being said, warping usually occurs for thin metal cooling too fast. So, if you can get hold of thick metal cookware and cool the cookware slowly, then you should be fine -- e.g. Do not put a hot pan into water.

      1. For thin non-stick pans, you need to keep the heat no higher than med. I have had a glass cooktop for over a decade, and I don't have the problem of warping pans. I use iron, stainless, and non-stick. I have a wok with a non-stick surface that does tolerate high heat, but it is very thick, as is my Berndes braiser, which is not supposed to be used at high heat. I don't recommend using non-stick pans exclusively. Stainless with copper bottoms used at any temp, have not warped for me. (Another problem with non-stick saucepans, is you can't dishwash them!)