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Jan 26, 2010 09:55 AM

Sausage casings

was wondering if anyone had ever tried making their own sausage casings from deer intestines. whats the process for cleaning them out etc i 'm guessing its more complicated than just flushing them out with water?

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  1. IMO, there's no advantage to using anything other than commercially prepared casings and it certainly wouldn't be worth the time to cure and prepare them for stuffing. They would need to be turned inside out, scraped, flushed, inspected, scraped and flushed again, inspected again, packed in salt etc., etc. and even then you couldn't be assured they'd hold up to the process.

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      Right, just better to go commercial with this. Save the liver if you want, the rest stays on the ground where he fell for the coyotes.

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        Now there's an idea. Back off about 300 yards and pick off the coyotes. Hadn't thought about chumming for coyotes.

    2. you canuse them no waste ,i totally respect that kudos to you.they are small ,and you need to clean them well(doing it yourself rather then store bought will ensure that its done right)if your gonna use them all right away you can spare the salt.i clean by puttting them up to the faucet and cranking on the water for a while.if you need to store them then a good strong salt brine is in i wish i was your neighbor,those are gonna be good.

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        thanks to all for your responses chowhound is trully a revalation for me it seems that there's nothing that you people don't know.

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          sorry im still looking for the meaning of life