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Fresh Eggs

Freshest Eggs

I’m on a poached egg fix right now for Breakfast, have tried all the Supermarkets free range, cage less eggs, and really now want to get the freshest eggs that I can from Farm direct or at stand, I live in Manchester, NH, but travel is no problem, as I cover a large area with my job, any suggestions please

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  1. Lord, I LOVE soft boiled or poached eggs. I'll take cage free eggs and boil extra large ones for exactly FIVE minutes and then shock them for 45 seconds in very cold ice water. Then I peel them and chop them up in a bowl using a teaspoon with fresh ground black pepper and a little salt and dip freshly buttered toast in the mix. I love that slow crawling yolk on toast. I could eat 4-5 eggs that way easily but I never eat more than one or two at a time.

    I don't live up where you do, but farmers markets will have the best eggs if you have any near you.

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      all of the farmers markets up here close for the winter, I think

    2. If you are willing to travel, go to Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds in Concord, MA. Unfortunately it is hit or miss as to whether they have them, but I had an email fromthem yesterday saying they have lots of eggs now and that Verrill Farm, next door, is carrying them also.

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        By the quick responses guess nothing beats a good fresh egg. I do them for 28 min at 48 celcius in a thermocirculator then it gives you the most wonderful 2 poached egg.
        Hope you all find them and egg yourself wild.

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          Check the nearest feed store, Agway or such. They will know the locals who sell eggs, and buy feed. The feed store in this area has farm fresh eggs on the counter. Its the "fish where the fish are" principle. Good luck, I believe fresh eggs are closer than you think!

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            You might try calling Osborne's Agway in Hooksett. I haven't been in the Concord store lately but I thought they had fresh eggs and milk in the cooler along with some other local products. Wohord makes a great suggestion, sometimes the local eggs are in a small local convenience store.
            The first Concord NH winter market is Jan 30 at Cole Gardens. The newspaper listed eggs as one of the possible local fresh food

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              Looks like lots of people are looking for local eggs. According to the 1/27/10 NH Weekly Market Bulletin, the Seacoast Winter Market held at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford drew 2,100 buyers. Rob Gibson of Yellow House Farm in Barrington took 50 dozen eggs. Other farmers also brought eggs and all eggs were sold out within the first hour.

      2. Check the Amherst Winter Farmers' Market, they may have some available. Lull Farm in Hollis carries eggs from Jaffrey, though I don't know how fresh they actually are. Definitely call either place before heading all the way out there.

        1. I recommend Brookford Farm in Rollinsford, NH. From their Web site: eggs from chickens "raised on pasture, homegrown grains and some bought organic grains". I've bought their eggs from the farm store and they are better than any from the supermarket. Their on-site farm store is self-serve and open 24/7.


          1. Right on Rt. 3A in Manchester, past the airport right on the Litchfield line is a house that sells fresh eggs from his chickens at $2.50 a dozen. He has a white sign out front at the end of his driveway that says "FRESH EGGS" but now it is usually covered in a plastic wrap but that does not mean he is out of eggs, its just too cold for him to go outside and remove it and its frozen on..lol! Stop by his house if you see a red truck out front and he will sell you some eggs. If you go into Litchfield itself you have gone a couple houses too far, turn around.

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              thanks, I know where that is just past the golf course

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                This is no where near the golf course. This is BEFORE you get to Litchfield. It has a big Patriots Cutout and still has Merry Christmas decorations all over the front lawn. You can't miss it. It is right before the town line. The guy is a great guy, really.

            2. I get mine at the Agway in Eliot ME, right over the bridge from Portsmouth NH... once you start eating fresh, you wont go back...

              1. Has anybody tried the eggs from A Market, our local organic grocery store? Believe it or not, the eggs at Bunny's are very fresh, I like them better than the Eggland offerings at Hannaford.