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Jan 26, 2010 09:41 AM

Anyone know where to find red jalapenos?

I want to make the Cooks Illustrated recipe for red curry paste, which calls for fresh red jalapenos. Does anyone know where to find some in Philadelphia or Lower Merion? I haven't seen them at the Upper Darby H Mart, which usually has a fairly varied produce selection. I've seen their packages of jalapenos come with one or two chiles that were red or turning red. I wonder whether nobody intentionally sells red jalapenos.

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  1. i've seen them on 9th street (giordano's and the stalls that are just south of it) but i can't think of anywhere that sells them consistently. jalapeno plants grow well in pots in our neck of the woods (better in the ground of course) so for a long term solution, grow your own and freeze them.

    1. The name of the economic game is getting those peppers out there & sold, then replacing them with more. Red = more ripe. Ripened to the point of being red = more time & a longer wait until they can be marketed. Mazza's suggestion of growing your own is probably the best long-term solution. Even our local markets carrying loose japs seem to have only green. Or possibly wait until summer & go to a farm market where you can kinda cherry-pick (no pun intended) through baskets of japs to find the ones you want. BTW, my fave place for peppers in the summer is Maple Acres in Plymouth Meeting.

      Another option is to do a little sleuthing & find out if there are more available peppers you can sub. I did find this link while googling around:

      1. Could you use those little red chili peppers instead? I think they are actually called Thai Chilis. They are easy to find at the Asian markets and at RTM. They usually come in $1-2 bags with a mix of green and red, about half and half. Not sure about HMart but some of the markets sell them loose (I think).

        I always thought these were the peppers used in East Asian curries; maybe the Cooks Illustrated editors thought it would be easier to source jalapeƱos in the US for some reason, but that does not seem to be the case in this area. I think these are spicier than jalapeƱos so you'll need to adjust the recipe a bit.

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          Holy cripes. BIG difference between the heat of a jalepeno and a Thai chili. Jalepeno = 5,000 scoville heat units; Thai chili = 150,000 scoville heat units.

        2. While not fresh, I just saw jarred fire-roasted red jalapenos at Giant (near the roasted peppers). Don't know if these are compatible with the recipe but figured it was worth the post.......

          1. Saw them at Acme in Paoli this weekend. They were in a plastic container next to the loose jalapenos and long hots.