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Jan 26, 2010 09:34 AM

Quattro Pazzi coming to Downtown Stamford

The popular Italian is slated for the old Sabatiello's space.... with all its kitchen nightmares buried in the sawdust. Saw a liquor permit request on the door from Quattro Pazzi and lotsa pounding inside. Website doesn't list opening date or address but confirms they are coming downtown.

I never made it to its previous iteration on Hope, but can see on these boards that its Norwalk and Fairfield locations get good notices..

this can't help but be a major upgrade from Sammy's CougarTown Red Sauce Palace. And hopefully better than the barely passable Capriccio a couple of doors away.

Also noticed that Meera's is noMorra. Outflanked by Tawa, Coramadel, and the other fresh new Indians in town.

Saw one poll where QP was voted tops Italian in CT. So is it fantastic, solid, or just ok? In the same league with authentics Patsa Nostra, Columbus Park? Or do people flock for the big Italian-American portions and reasonable prices?

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  1. anytime i see anything voted best of anything in an open poll i automatically assume the ballot box has been stuffed. this goes for restaurants, bars, and any other establishment gastronomical or otherwise. qp is decent enough, but best? not by a longshot.

    1. It's okay, nothing great. I wouldn't put it in the same league as Pasta Nostra or Paci. Better than Centro.. We don't go there because they don't take reservations and it's not good enough to wait for. Their sister place in FFLD Osianna is very nice mediterranean food. Also no reservations but we go for lunch and enjoy the small plates.

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        Quattro is a very solid place, but not spectacular. Witihn Fairfield/Southport I would put it a bit behind Paci and Lianna's, but it would probably be next (strictly within the town of Fairfield). I've had some very good dishes there and some average ones. I think it is quite a bit better than Centro though.
        From an atmosphere perspective, the Fairfield location is very crowded, tight, noisy, and busy. Sometimes this can be fun - - - sometimes you might want something a bit more quaint and quiet.
        Agree that their Osianna sister restaurant in Fairfield is much better. I think it often has more to do with Quattro's menu than their preparation - - - it's not extraordinary or awe-inspiring.
        The "no reservation" policy can sometimes be a good thing when grandma calls at 5 pm on Sat night and offers to swing by and watch the kids and you didn't already have a reservation lined up.
        I've heard the menu's vary from location to location. So it is definitely a restaurant to put on your list to try and form your own opinion.

      2. I agree with sibeats - better than Centro, but clearly behind the better Stamford/SoNo italian restaurants (my personal fave being Emme of Capri).

        The Quattro Pazzi menu is currently being served at Spazzio (down in the Cove) if you want to check it out in advance. Apparently the same owners.

        1. Someone should alert the Fairfield (etc.) Advocate local paper that still lists Sabatiello's as having LIVE JAZZ! every week. Maybe by the time the new restaurant opens up?

          1. Looks like QP will be opening real soon now:

            Quattro Pazzi Now Hiring Line Cooks/ Chef (Stamford, CT)

            (Interesting followup questions requested with your resume.)

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            1. re: rbailin

              Those questions on the ad are too much! Wonder if it's working for them.
              By the way- The Advocate is suffers from poor communication within it's own organization. They are probably still sending Sabatiello's bills while still publising the ad.