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Jan 26, 2010 09:27 AM

NYer seeking foodie weekend in New England

Looking to escape NY for a weekend with missus. Can you recommend a seaside-ish destination, no more than 4 hours away, with great eating (cheap AND swank), a nice hotel/motel, and at least a small town to knock around in? Thanks

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  1. Portland, ME
    Great food scene, cute cobbled downtown shopping area, good B&Bs, and pretty cheap this time of year.

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      A little closer (but still in Maine), Oqunquit is nice .......... but a LOT of places up there are closed for the season. If you can wait a couple of weeks, MC Perkins Cove is opening up on February 5th for the season. Don't know when Black Sushi House is opening - they haven't posted it yet. On The Marsh in Kennebunk is year round. We stay at The Anchorage By The Sea in Ogunquit - they have both seaside room & a complex across the street with fireplaced rooms. Plus, it's right on The Marginal, which is an oceanside pathway you can walk directly to town on. I'd wait a couple of weeks & head up there.