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Jan 26, 2010 09:24 AM

Dining in Barbados

Hello Everyone - Does any have any recent dining experiences in Barbados? We are staying on the West Coast (St James), does this limit us to mostly the west coast? The Cliff is definitely on our must dine list, should I be looking anywhere else? We would like to stick to local/island cuisine. Thanks

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  1. Just got back from the trip last week, here are the highlights.

    The island is pretty expensive - for example - gazpacho soup with diced apples $20 US.

    Our favorite meal - L'Acajou at the Sandy Lane Hotel - surprisingly not the most expensive meal of the week. A very generous portion of Caribbean lobster with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Everything a lobster dish should be - the cream sauce was delicate enough to not over power the sweetness of the lobster. My wife had the pumpkin risotto, very creamy cooked perfectly. Chocolate Souffle to end the evening was phenomenal. Service was excellent as well.

    Scarlett in Holetown was also a very good meal. This place has a bit of NYC Soho vibe with red walls and Andy Warhol prints of Marilyn and Jackie O through out the restaurant. Here we split some small bite appys - crab bruschetta, chicken satay, smoked salmon...all were real good especially the crab bruschetta. Mains included prawns with jasmine rice in a coconut curry - and asian chicken salad with rice noodles - both were real good. Service was laid back island style - no one was in a rush. Best value of the week - cheapest of all the places we went to for dinner.

    Best Lunch was at Lone Star on the beach - great location with tables having great views of the water surf - An excellent tuna tartare with green curry oil - very generous appy portion big beautiful chunks of diced tuna. My wife and I split the Prawn Vindaloo - lots of flavor not too spicy - Barbados did curry dishes very well.

    Most Disappointing was the Cliff Restaurant- Ive read that this is the best place on the island, and that it needs to be on everyones must dine list when visiting. Absolutely stunning location - million dollar views - service was high quality, very attentive but not in a hovering way - The food was ok - I ordered the Linguine with mussels and shrimp - again a very generous portion pasta cooked very well, but it was so salty - I needed to drink water every two bites. The dish couldve been great - I ordered the roast duck breast in a wild mushroom sauce with potato pancake and again it was so salty. My wife had the crab cake, which she says was the best dish of the night, and a spicy lobster salad which for her was just too spicy - To be fair - we cant really criticize a dish for being to spicy when spicy is the 1st word, but the spiciness was provided by only red pepper flakes, pretty boring if you ask me. Desserts were nothing special. At close to 400 US for the meal we were expecting a little bit more than what we got.

    Flying Fish is the island specialty, and I tried it as much as I could - its tasty fish - most of the times its prepared with cajun or jerk spices and i enjoyed everyone's different variation - favorite was a couple of fillets on salt bread.

    The island has wonderful tomatoes - i got one every morning grilled with breakfast and they are so sweet you forget you're eating a tomato.

    1. On the west coast, The Tides is our favorite. Also last October one evening we ate at Mullins Restaurant and had a fabulous meal.

      If you head to the south coast, a definite MUSt is Champers. Fabulous food, romantic setting - eat on the balcony. You will love it.

      For more tips check out my site at: I review most of the restaurants we've been to and include pictures and pricing.