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Jan 26, 2010 09:14 AM

Kosher meat at Trader Joes Ardmore PA

Sunday we saw several packages of Glat Kosher meat at the Trader Joes in Ardmore, PA (Philly suburb) They had ground meat (85/15), stew meat and some sort of a roast (I forget which kind, I don't eat it or make it) It all looked good (for raw meat) It was near the Kosher chicken/turkey and is Trader Joes Brand. Not sure who certifies it, did';t buy any this time, but I thought it might interest someone here.

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    1. re: vallevin

      As I said in my post abopve, I am not sure who certified it, I didn't buy any and I have forgotten. If it is that important to you and it obviously is, I suppose you can call your local store to see if they even carry it and I am sure they can tell you. I rarely buy or even eat red meat, but I know some do and I thought this might be helpful to them. I am sorry it was not more helpful to you.

      1. re: vallevin

        At the TJ's near me (in Queens), the meat they have has a Triangle-K; I believe the chicken they carry is Empire. Don't know if this is true at all TJ's or if it varies by region.

        1. re: queenscook

          Many people do not accept the Triangle-K. You might consider asking your rabbi before you purchase it.

          1. re: MaineKosher

            I am well aware of this and only mentioned it because someone asked what is the hashgacha on the meat TJ's sells. Since specific discussion of which hashgachot are "good" and "bad" is not acceptable to the mods here, I just was reporting. I myself do not purchase my red meat at TJ's.

            1. re: queenscook

              Interesting that the OP specified that the meat is "glatt kosher." What one is hearing more and more about the objections to Triangle K is that they certify meat which is kosher but not glatt.

              1. re: ravchaz

                If the info that I received is correct, TJ's has two different meats available. One is under the Triangle K (probably from Hebrew National) and the other is OU or KAJ (probably a new brand of meat on the market from Empire, the chicken folks). So one is actually Glatt. Perhaps the two are being confused with each other.

                1. re: ravchaz

                  The package said GLATT KOSHER. It also said TRADER JOES and several other things on the pre printed label stcuk on the front. I have no idea who determined if it is or is not glatt or even kosher. It really may be up to the standards that glatt meat should have maybe it is not. Until someone either goes to a TJ and actually looks at a package or calls them or otherwise contacts them it is all just speculation. Deciding for whatever reason that group A or group B or even group Z certifies the meat there without first checking faxcts is just irresponsible and IMO just wrong. Get off your religious high horses and go check the facts. All I was doing was sharing the fact that I saw a product that some may wish to buy. If, for what ever reason you choose not to buy this product so be it, but please don't start rumors as to what it might be just because you don't know.

                  1. re: Prettypoodle

                    Ok for some reson this whole thing is making me mad, mad enough to call the TJ's where I saw the meat in question and get information for you (the general YOU not a particular person) who may or may not ever even go to a TJ's for red meat.
                    According to Katie (the person who answered the phone) she said the meat they carry is certified by Rabbi j H Ralbag. He is located at 225 West 86th Street, Ny , Ny 10024 and can be reached at 212-877-1823
                    This information is ONLY valid for the Trader Joes in Ardmore, PA, your local TJ may sell differant meats. This is what I saw on Sunday. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.

                    1. re: Prettypoodle

                      Just to provide further info: Rabbi Jehoseph H. Ralbag is associated with the Triangle-K (see As to his kashrus, I make no judgement on those who buy food under his hashgacha; that is for you to decide.

                      1. re: queenscook

                        Thank you queenscook for th einformation and for not being judgemental. It is refreshing to read someone make a post like yours. I really appreciate it.

                      2. re: Prettypoodle

                        PP - not being judge mental, just practical - Ralbag is the Hebrew National kosher certification, and the majority of Sabbath observant Orthodox Jew would not bring Hebrew National into their own kosher kitchens. My guess is Ardmore PA does not have a kosher shomer shabbat butcher, so having this meat at a local TJ is a blessing ( I grew up in a city without kosher butcher/baker ).
                        I doubt you'll see this meat at TJ's around the NY metro area, which it's dense with kosher butchers of varying standards, however TJ's is notorious for selling healthier, fresher alternatives. Since kosher meat has the allure coming from healthier animals and more cleanly prepared, perhaps that's why TJ was not choosy about which "glatt kosher" meat provider they allied with. They are probably not looking to be serve Orthodox Jews, rather any Jew, Moslem and others willing to pay a premium for kosher meat.

                        1. re: Joe Berger

                          Ardmore is a Philadelphia suburb within Lower Merion township. There are plenty glatt kosher butchers in the neighborhood. But there are also plenty of kosher Jews who are happy to have kosher meat without an OU imposed chumrah.

                          In regards to hashgachas, unfortunately too many "Sabbath observant Orthodox Jews" rely on hearsay and years old anecdotal evidence without bothering to find out when standards have changed. But that's an argument for another day on another board.

                          1. re: Joe Berger

                            You are entirely incorrect about not seeing this meat in the NY metro area; the Trader Joe's in Queens is a five minute drive from Kew Gardens Hills and even fewer to Kew Gardens, both bastions of Orthodox Jews, and the kosher beef they sell carries the Triangle-K, though their chicken and turkeys have hechsharim more commonly accepted in Orthodox circles. They wouldn't be carrying it if they weren't successfully selling it.

                            1. re: queenscook

                              Our TJ's (in Essex Cty, NJ) has kosher meat.

                              1. re: DeisCane

                                thank you all - i stand corrected.

                                avitrek - I agree with your sentiment,
                                but like you wrote -
                                this is not the place to discuss it.

                                I use the TJ's on Metropolitan (Queens NY),
                                but I don't notice the livestock.
                                I mostly go there for dry goods like;

                                "Valencia Peanut Butter
                                with Roasted Flaxseeds"

                                - that alone is worth the trip to TJ's.

                                1. re: Joe Berger

                                  i personally do not care how " you do your jew" so please everybody reloax. It does seem form the star k that Trader Joes sells Two different types of meat
                                  from the star k website

                                  "Trader Joe’s is selling glatt kosher meat under the EKB (Empire Kosher Beef) label, certifi ed by the Star-K. Th is is not to be confused
                                  with Trader Joe’s own brand of non-glatt kosher meat.

                            2. re: Joe Berger

                              I've seen kosher meat in the Brooklyn and in the Hewlett TJ's.

                              1. re: Joe Berger

                                There happens to be a kosher butcher whom I belive will make most O's happy and then a food store that I know makes almost all O's happy that sells fresh meat and polutry, etc plus a deli suppervised by OU within 10 (probably less) minutes from the TJ I was refering to. So people who want to have Kosher meat can get it. Like I said, i rarely buy it anyway, I am just not a huge fan of red meat.

                            3. re: Prettypoodle

                              Chillax. I'm not on any religious high horse, I eat Triangle-K and I eat non-glatt. I just found it interesting that Triangle-K is now certifying some meats as "glatt" considering that those who don't rely on them point to their certification of non-glatt meat as a reason.

                  2. I was at TJ's again today, hey they sell Empire Fresh (prepackeaged) ground turkey for the lowest price around and it will soon be tacco night here (YUM!) Anyway I saw the fresh red meat they offered *this* week and the meat I saw today was Trangle K and had the T's label on it. It was NOT the same meat I saw last time (differant lable) and these packages did NOT say "Glatt" So as far as I know TJ's does not carry Triangle K meat trying to pass itself off as Glatt.. They sell Triagngle K meat labled "Kosher" and a differant line of meat labled "Glatt Kosher" with a totally differant label. What they may carry each day is up to the store or the distributors.

                    1. fyi- saw the kosher meat in TJs in Westchester

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                      1. re: peacepug

                        I learned shachita (Chickens, goats and sheep) a few years ago. Before going to yeshiva I would not eat the "Triangle K" meat, and I didn't start until recently. I spoke to rabbaim that I know are 100% shomer Shabbat, and to folks at the USDA. The rabbis did say that the meat is kosher, however, some, not all, but some of the shochets do not do the glatt inspection. The reasoning is that the farms/facilities that the animals are raised in are regulated and inspected by the owners of the facilities as well as the USDA for health reasons. In other words, they would not let a sick animal or one that was diseased pass through to the slaughtering process. 1. the Facility itself would be on the news and possibly shut down. 2. The USDA would come under scrutiny and someone would more than likely lose their job. 3. Lawsuits :-)
                        So, that's just some FYI. People are almost free to eat what they want, just be informed about what it is that you put into your body. It's your health, both for that of your physical body as well as your neshama, so do what they can handle. If you have questions, investigate, learn, and don't rely on someone else to do your thinking for you. Shalom alechem.

                      2. RE: the hechsher question, TJ's lists several here-