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Jan 26, 2010 09:00 AM

In NYC for the weekend- Best Modern Mexican Cuisine? authentic?

I will be traveling to NYC and I am looking for some great modern mexican cuisine? Please dont suggest Dos Caminos. I was thinking, La Esquina, Barrio Chino, any others out there?
Some whole in the wall mexican food would be fabulous as well!
Any suggestions please?

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  1. Search this board for older threads about this but in general, Manhattan does not have great Mexican I don't think. Where are you traveling from?

    For somewhat upscale, I have enjoyed Suenos on 17th. There is also a good taco truck on the corner of 8th Avenue and 14th in the afternoon/evenings. Good carne asada tacos.

    Are you open to looking int he outer boroughs?

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      Ive lived in Dallas,TX for 10 years but I am originally from Mexico City. I am trying to stay away from generic mexican food such as fajitas & burritos. So anything authentic would work. I am open to go explore. thanks!

    2. I think Centrico is what you might be looking for, although it's no hole in the wall.

      I like Barrio Chino but it's not "modern Mexican cuisine." I haven't been to La Esquina but check their menu for "modernity."

      I am really enjoying Cascabel Taqueria on the upper east side, and it's a bit modern.

      Another one to consider is Toloache.

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      1. re: gutsofsteel

        Thanks for feedback, those names all sound familiar to what I have been researching.
        BY mod-mex I meant more like the style the names you are mentioning, thanks!

      2. I would recommend Maya:

        We were there some time ago and the food was very good.

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            Can't speak to authenticity, but I've been to Cascabel Taqueria twice in the last two days, and I've really enjoyed it.

          2. Two additional places you haven't mentioned: Hell's Kitchen, at 47th/9th (, and Roberto SantibaƱez's new place, Fonda, if you happen to be in Brooklyn at any point (and even if not, it's worth a trip; ). Both skew a little more "modern" than Toloache etc. in my experience, and both are outstanding.

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            1. re: cjd260

              I've been curious about Fonda...will check the OB board.

              I'm not a fan of Maya.