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In NYC for the weekend- Best Modern Mexican Cuisine? authentic?

I will be traveling to NYC and I am looking for some great modern mexican cuisine? Please dont suggest Dos Caminos. I was thinking, La Esquina, Barrio Chino, any others out there?
Some whole in the wall mexican food would be fabulous as well!
Any suggestions please?

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  1. Search this board for older threads about this but in general, Manhattan does not have great Mexican I don't think. Where are you traveling from?

    For somewhat upscale, I have enjoyed Suenos on 17th. There is also a good taco truck on the corner of 8th Avenue and 14th in the afternoon/evenings. Good carne asada tacos.

    Are you open to looking int he outer boroughs?

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      Ive lived in Dallas,TX for 10 years but I am originally from Mexico City. I am trying to stay away from generic mexican food such as fajitas & burritos. So anything authentic would work. I am open to go explore. thanks!

    2. I think Centrico is what you might be looking for, although it's no hole in the wall.

      I like Barrio Chino but it's not "modern Mexican cuisine." I haven't been to La Esquina but check their menu for "modernity."

      I am really enjoying Cascabel Taqueria on the upper east side, and it's a bit modern.

      Another one to consider is Toloache.

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        Thanks for feedback, those names all sound familiar to what I have been researching.
        BY mod-mex I meant more like the style the names you are mentioning, thanks!

      2. I would recommend Maya: http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile...

        We were there some time ago and the food was very good.

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            Can't speak to authenticity, but I've been to Cascabel Taqueria twice in the last two days, and I've really enjoyed it.

          2. Two additional places you haven't mentioned: Hell's Kitchen, at 47th/9th (http://nymag.com/listings/restaurant/...), and Roberto SantibaƱez's new place, Fonda, if you happen to be in Brooklyn at any point (and even if not, it's worth a trip; http://www.chow.com/blog/2009/09/winn... ). Both skew a little more "modern" than Toloache etc. in my experience, and both are outstanding.

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              I've been curious about Fonda...will check the OB board.

              I'm not a fan of Maya.

            2. I didn't get the feeling it was particularly authentic, but Pampano (the dining room upstairs, not the taqueria) is an attractive room, serving an upscale Mexican seafood menu.

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                I was going to suggest Pampano, as well as Bistro Itzocan, which I think is well worth checking out.

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                  Itzocan is a good idea - I'd suggest the uptown one because then you can walk up a little around el barrio and go into the Mexican markets, have a good taco at Taco Mix if you want, etc.

              2. My favorites: Mexicana Mama, Suenos, Hell's Kitchen, Rocking Horse Cafe.

                1. mexican radio (www.mexrad.com), el portal, or barrio chino would be my recommendations

                  1. Good luck, Mexican food is weak here. That said, for modern Mexican, Crema and Suenos are about the best you will find.

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                      mexican food has improved tremendously here over the last decade as the mexican community swelled, and as mexican line cooks branched out and opened their own places