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Best place for stone crab around Siesta Key

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I need a restaurant for stone crab: its too pricey to take changes on mediocre food. A crab shack is fine as long as the crab is fresh and not overcooked.

Also looking for suggestions for other restaurants that are great food in the area, but business casual. Already planning on Columbia, Aurora, etc. What other casual spots have great food in the Sarasota area. Is Cafe Bicca the best for Italian?

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  1. You might want to try Walt's Fish Market on 41 just off of Siesta. Not sure if they have stone crabs, but they are the best bet.

    As for other restaurants in the area, Cafe Bologna is great for Italian, Vizen for sushi, Main Street Oyster Bar for seafood and continental/American cuisine, Epicure for salads and pizzas....

    1. i think that you must be referring to Cafe Bacci on 301/41 just south of Bee Ridge Road. Yes, it is one of the best Italian restaurants in the Sarasota area and I like it a lot, but there is no "hands down" winner in this category. Chowhounds in the Sarasota area have mentioned at least a half dozen others whose names appear often on these boards and many of these chowhounds will disagree that Cafe Bacci is the best--but one of the best? Certainly.

      1. Moore's at the upper end of Longboat Key for Stone Crab, I would stay clear of Walt's.

        1. Just so you know, virtually all stone crabs claws are cooked on the boat as they are caught and then brought to the purveyor. The only difference is in the contract the restaurant might have with its purveyor. Many restaurants contract directly with the boat or have their own boat.

          1. I find Columbia on St Armands Circle has very good stone crabs as well as Bill's on Main St.

            1. I prefer Phillippi Creek Seafood Restaurant or Captain Curt's on the Key for Stone Crab Claws. The best priced that I've seen and fresh $13.99 for 1/2 lb. $20.00 for 1lb.
              For Italian..Puccini's and you can bring your own bottle of wine
              Pizza...Uncle Mike's or Cafe Amalfi.
              Sushi...Ichibon.. All you can eat on Tuesday nights. Great place to meet singles too!
              Mexican...El Toro Bravo or Burritos.
              Ceviches on Main for Tapas.

              1. I second Captain Curt's - it's a dive but where we always go for fresh crab at reasonable prices - Moore's is very pricy

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                  At yosemiteSam...I wouldn't say that Captain Curt's was a dive at all. Are you thinking of the same place? It's definitely not a dive. And you can actually sit outside at Sniki Tiki and enjoy some great drinks and music as well. Just order up your stone crab claws and take them over to the Tiki Bar. The waiters and waitresses will set you up with dinnerware and drinks and definitely have a cup of the New England Clam chowder. It's totally the best anywhere in Florida!!