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Jan 26, 2010 08:38 AM

Sunday Lunch near Pawtucket RI

I'm looking for a decent, relatively inexpensive place for a casual lunch around noon on a Sunday near Pawtucket, RI (near Hope St would be ideal). Could anyone please give me a few suggestions?

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  1. Rasoi Indian restaurant fits the bill. They have a nice weekend buffet, or you can order off the menu. Fresh, tasty dishes, very reasonable prices, informal, friendly.

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    1. re: Joltingjoey

      second rasoi. fresh, healthy & reasonable and great followed up by a stroll down the blvd (if weather permits)

    2. Doherty's Irish Pub at the end of East Ave. A great pub menu and plenty of beer choices if you are so inclined,

        1. I like Pho Horn's for Vietnamese on Ann Mary St

          Pho Horn's
          50 Ann Mary St, Pawtucket, RI 02860

          1. Garden Grille! It's a vegetarian restaurant, but you don't have to be a veggie to love it. My fave is the butternut squash & white bean quesadilla. Excellent food, and a decent selection of wine & beer.

            Garden Grille
            727 East Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860

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              Don't know if this helps but a few blocks west of Hope Street is "Gregg's" on North Main Street. They have everything from sandwiches to 'hearty lunches' and 'Sunday specials' and noted for some of the best desserts around. They are very reasonably priced, child-friendly.

              1. re: OOliver

                Greggs might as well close at 7pm because 95% of their customers go there for the early bird specials. I woudnt be suprised to see if they added a "denture friendly menu" or offered to puree any meal at no charge. I guess they are ok for a sandwich or maybe a take home dessert, but unless you like you food sans seasoning Greggs is a big NO. Even the pickles they serve as an appetizer have gone down hill! picked up a pint of them about a month ago and they had a terrible chemically taste

                Just as an aside - my mother-in-law LOVES Greggs. Then again when we go to "real" restaurants, she often orders off the kids menu because she is so impossibly pickey. Holidays at her home are always an adventure.....trying to choke down dry and flavorless food. I feel so much better getting that off my chest!

                1. re: joe777cool

                  Maybe we have the same mil - except mine moved from Pawtucket to NC a few years ago. Gregg's was her go-to place - I always thought it was pretty nasty - and not clean!